Hello, I’m glad you are here to know about me and this blog.

We as a people have pondered for centuries together the big questions of life and death. My blog began with a simple urge to write funny essays for people to read, with the occasional story or poem thrown in. Now, I write about love, respect, and kindness, and I conduct interviews and I create media, all while trying to deal with the issues of fleeting time and short memories.

About My Vision – Short Version

Everything ends, unfortunately. It is something I want to fight, and literature and art is the medium. This beautiful video is perhaps the best representation of what I am trying to do.

About Me – Long Version

Having moved out from under the protective shade of the wings of my parents and on to Bangalore to pursue an education, I am a ’92-born man much too small for the city and much too big for the classroom. My intense emotional nature and strong appreciation for brutal honesty stem from two major incidents during my school years – one where my best friends collectively decided to stop speaking to me, and one where miscommunication and a white lie peeved my principal and scared me into physical pain. These incidents helped me create a mantra to live by, “Don’t lie, don’t stagnate, don’t hold back.”

I grew up with a healthy dose of fantasy and storytelling in my life, which lets me appreciate the importance of literature. My love for literature comes from a set of wonderful English teachers at school, and from having realized the escapism I experienced while reading books from authors of teens’ novels, such as J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan and Eoin Colfer, and from authors of more serious content such as Agatha Christie, Paulo Coelho and Dan Brown, among others.

I fight impermanence in my own small effort, by writing essays and conducting interviews. I have been able to convert this love for writing into a career, providing writing services for hire in both part-time contracts and a full profile as a technical writer.

Talkback Tuesday started as just another format of five to create regular content, but the feedback and inspiration I have gotten from it have made it the primary series of the blog. Do check it out every Tuesday!

Thank you for visiting this page. It means more to me than you might think, and thank you for gifting me your valuable time.