Appreciating the power of Smell

Appreciating #2 – about cleanliness and good smell| Every week I take a concept or event so I can say good things. Welcome to Appreciating.

Every week I take a concept or event so I can say good things about it. Even negative aspects can be helpful sometimes. Welcome to Appreciating.

The world is both a big and a small place. In the span of the universe it is not even a quantum of mass, but in the context of environment, it is on a scale beyond anything the average human mind can fathom. As such it is a blessing and miracle that we are given not 1 but 5 (basic) perceptive senses to experience the beauty of the world.

While we are heavily reliant on our eyes, and honestly no perceptive sense organ should be taken for granted, it is the power of smell which is the strongest. Smell affects us deeply – it generates the most lasting memories, evokes the strongest reactions and perceives the finest differences. Read More here.

If you read the outgoing link above, then you might already appreciate how smell can be a powerful factor in mood and behaviour. I recently started dabbling in smell, and have found that it has an immediate strong positive effect on my mood. EDIT: A fellow blogger, Aseem Rastogi, has released a post about smelling good just two days ago, read it here –> Transition of Thoughts

Bath time for me would be quick and painless. The routine would be get in, get wet, lather, rinse and get out. This worked for me most of the time, but as I grow older, a simple bath like that doesn’t even get the smell of sweat off me. So I invested in some products, which all happen to smell good. (Please note that I’m not advertising the products. These are simply ones that I’ve tried and liked enough to write about.)

  • I’ve been using Dove soap for a while now.
  • On a house restocking trip with friends, I picked up a Fiama Di Wills ‘Aqua Pulse’ body wash, because it came with a free aftershave conditioner.
  • On another trip, I literally asked a friend to point out the ‘girliest’ shampoo and picked up a L’Oréal Total Repair shampoo, because it came with a free Total Repair hair conditioner (Do you see a trend?).
  • I had previously gone to a pharmacy to buy an anti-bacterial face wash, and picked up one by Moistrich (lemon, apple and honey if I remember right).

I don’t use all of these products every time I take a bath, opting to cycle, but if I’m ever feeling really down, I go in and sort-of pamper myself. I take more time, 30-40 minutes versus my regular 15. As a result, I come out feeling fresh, energized and motivated. Each product leaves a strong, fresh smell and they all add up to make me feel better about myself.

Having struggled with bad feelings and self-destructive thoughts in the last 9 or so months, I welcome the fact that a tangible item is able to alleviate my mood. Tangible things are things I can control easily, and I can leverage these easily controlled items to control the more difficult thoughts and doubts. For the same reason, I changed the layout of my room several times this year, and put up vinyl stickers to add some substance to my room. It is why I keep a can of air freshener in my room, and it is why I sometimes do additional cleanings of my room myself.

A clean environment, both visually and fragrantly, can do wonders for you, and I’m afraid I’m not doing enough justice to that with my words here. A little literary rut here prevents me from elucidating it to you and so in lieu, I ask you (apologetically) to try it for yourself. Heard of the line “Clean up your act.”? Take that very literally, and you will find your productivity, happiness and sense of fulfillment all rising.

Here are a few tips to help you do that:

  • Shower/bathe everyday. WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Use some fragrant products if you can, especially to clean your face.
  • Make sure you wear clean and sufficiently airy clothes.
  • Apply a dab of aftershave, even if you haven’t shaved. Your gender/sex doesn’t matter – having that strong smell right under your nose will wake you up for a good half hour. I prefer aftershave to perfumes and deodorants.
  • Clean your house and declutter. Clean inside cupboards, and clean your floors. Use fragrant floor cleaners and aerate your house by keeping doors and windows open. Opening windows for a couple of hours in the morning can do wonders.
  • Keep a can of air freshener in your room. Spray once every 4-6 hours.
  • Here are other simple things to do to make your house smell nice – Read Here.

Hopefully this helps you appreciate the importance of a good smelling environment. Suggestions in the comments for future posts and shares on social media are welcome and appreciated. Keep an eye on this space for more Appreciating same time next week. Next week’s post is about “Fathers”.