Going on Hiatus March 23

As part of my new year plan, I got back into the blog with gusto, carving out defined series and putting out 52 posts in 83 days. While that may not sound like a lot to experienced bloggers, it’s the most I’ve ever done in any given period of time and a huge commitment I took on.

Commitment is a funny thing. It wavers with willpower and is energized by appreciation, and is taxing without the two of them. At the start of this year, I cut a lot of bullshit out of my life, and was hence able to take on ambitious new ventures, including breathing life into this blog. At the time, I became relatively worry-free, allowing me the luxury of trying those ventures.

I’ve said repeatedly in Letters to Myself and other posts that in order to sustain this blogging habit, I’m going to need to schedule posts, and I haven’t been able to do that.

At this time, I’ve got several pressing commitments, the biggest being my job. As such, I cannot commit to this hectic schedule anymore. Instead of cutting more series, I want to take a break from writing for Thorough and Unkempt altogether. It’s become a cause for anxiety rather than relief from, and it’s time to step back and reevaluate.

I might put up at least 2 of the recipes for the current ongoing Recipe Lab, simply because I have the photos ready.

I’m going on hiatus for at least 3 weeks – I’ll be back either mid-April, or latest the start of May. I’m taking this time to hopefully get used to my other activities. This is part of a bigger need to bring back discipline into my life because I’m tired of feeling tired and helpless and aimless and frustrated.

In the time I take, I hope to sort out all the frustrations I have right now. It’ll take a radical change and I’m not sure I’ll be able to maintain the self-discipline. However, the aim is not to avoid the blog during such time. The aim is to streamline series, cut old ones and introduce new ones, write posts to be scheduled in May, and mainly to build my site experience properly, so that you the reader can have the best experience consuming the content that goes on here. I build my site myself, which explains why it looks different from other blogs but isn’t super professional.

I don’t know if I have regular readers, but if I do, I’m sorry I’m going on break. I hope you understand.

tl;dr I’m tired guys. Have several other commitments. Will come back in 3-5 weeks.