So I wrote this poem for the Creative Writing event at Darpan 2011. I wrote a story too, a copy of which I will hopefully receive later.

Anyway, the topic for poetry was a) War or b) Dreams. As I am wont to do, I combined them. 😀

Without further ado,


A nameless man am I, faceless
In this throng of other nameless
And faceless men. I tote a gun,
Which I use to launch some metal
At that faceless body, which disturbs me.
I hear a beat made by some boots,
And instinct tells me to follow.
I lift a leg almost to the chest,
The heart inside which is not mine,
Only to bring it down again.
How pointless. Yet I repeat it
Over and over and over,
Because it is my duty to,
In name of a forgotten cause.
I had a dream. A dreamer am I.
I wanted to raise a family,
To own a farm.  A dreamer am I.
To breed cattle.  A dreamer am I.
The peaceful life.  A dreamer am I.
Shrapnel falls around me, while some
body falls, claimed by the reaper,
who does scare me, out of my reverie.
I launch some metal. More flesh is exposed.
I envy him, for soundly he dozed.
Rest is denied me by country
Which I protect as its sentry.
But this job is not mine by choice,
For I am denied my dreams and joys.
I fall to the ground. Sleep takes over.
May now I return to my lover?

But Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to read my work. Please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest and appreciate. :)

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Multiple Personality Order, Part I – An Introduction

Having a slight inclination towards literary and artful pursuits will lead you to form some theories on an assortment of topics over time. I don’t know if it exists as a “proper” theory, and I haven’t done any ‘experiments’ to prove it, but one of these theories of mine is, as you can see by the title, Multiple Personality Order. I know, it’s a cheesy rip-off of the disorder of the same name , but it effectively describes what I propose.

Cheesy Rip-off :3

The basic theory goes that all extremities of character by which we classify personalities co-exist in every individual in a disproportionate ratio and the dominant trait overshadows all remaining traits at most times but not always. With liberalization of thought and society, the said dominance diminishes in magnitude over time. And those wordy sentences were constructed on the fly; I don’t think in that manner. 😀

Sometimes, I think in THIS manner.

What this basically means is that everyone is a bit of a stud, a jock, a geek, a nerd, a goth, a loner, a romantic, an aggressor, a masochist etc. Several factors, both personal and environmental, cause some  of these personalities to develop and others to regress. e.g. a competitive family (siblings), a pushy father, a need to impress, an interest in sports broadcasts and other related factors may be the factors responsible in the development of an athletic and competitive nature (i.e. jock)
Similarly, other causes may create the myriad of personalities that we witness daily.

We may find that conflicting traits can easily exist in a person. e.g. Why do peeople enjoy gulping down a hot drink? Why do we find pleasure in the slight burning sensation as the liquid passes down our throat? Why does scratching an itch relieve us of it? Scratching is essentially applying force to self, which inflicts pain. Punching a wall hurts, but it vents frustration. Why? If my theory is to be believed, then it would be the degree of masochistic feeling in us (In case you don’t know what a masochist is, it is a person who finds pleasure in feeling pain).

Grade-A masochist

Our sadism is the trait that we overlook most in our self. A sadist is a person who finds pleasure in inflicting pain. It is to be noted that judging the degree of sadism in others comes to us naturally, but it is altogether more difficult to do the same for ourselves. This is because sadism is generally a negative trait and people believe that they’re faultless angels. Either way, just like other traits, there is a certain level of sadism in everyone (according to my theory atleast). At one point of time or another, we’ve oppressed something or someone, be it an ant, a fly, a dog, a cat, a stranger, or your best friend. Maybe you stole someone’s taxi (this means you got into a taxicab hailed by someone else, not that you drove away in some poor guy’s livelihood). Maybe you cut a line; maybe you bullied someone. Even if you hit a doll, it is technically sadism. And that is okay, because you haven’t hurt another person. This is of course assuming that the defenceless doll is your own and not some child’s. If you did that, you’re evil.

Sadism - Stealing candy from a baby.

This concludes part I of MPO with Vaibhav. Please look forward to part II with my friend, Vaibhav. 😛

But Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to read my work. Please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest and appreciate. :)

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In Anticipation of a Fight

No, this isn’t about a RL (that’s Real Life) fight, though a scrap every now and then would keep my muscles stretched. And that last expression clearly tells you that I don’t get into many “scraps”. 😀

Returning to point, this post is about some very anticipated video games, yes VIDEO games that are finally getting a PC version.

The System works, people!

As very few people know, my own personal brand of heroin favourite game genre is Fighting. There is an intricacy to close combat which is why in Pokemon, the move just punches the shit out of the opponent it is really enjoyable to weave your way in and out of the opponent’s defenses and flailing arms, and land a perfect spinning uppercut on his/her’s flabby chin and watch the bones crack in an X-ray slo-mo close up, and then s/he falls on her/his knees and then flat on the floor, not moving, not even a slight twitch…
Too graphic? Well noT aS gRaPhic as THIS! :

My Eyes! They burn from the gore!

And no. I will not give you a moment to get the children out of the room. Deal with it.

Anyway, the games coming to PC, which I really really really really really want are:
Mortal Kombat 2011 – The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions released just 5 days ago in the USA and 3 days ago in Europe. A PC version has just been mentioned as possible. But I hope. Mortal Kombat has always held my interest for several reasons – mainly the fatalities. Having checked out videos of this latest installment, I was very happy to see a 2.5D interface with power bars, new fatalities, X-ray moves etc. According to what I’ve read, they’ve changed the interface around a lot, borrowing from Street Fighter and Tekken, making the game far more mainstream than it previously was. This is a good thing. This is one game I WANT!

Here’s the Wikipedia article for it:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortal_Kombat_(2011_video_game)

Tekken X Street Fighter – Take a game with smooth stylish and long combos and put it together with the best shit evar the best shit evar and you get drooling monkey zombies drooling gamer zombies. This, according to Wiki, is the first time that Namco (The company owning Tekken) will be making a fighting game in collaboration with Capcom and I personally can’t wait to pit Jin Kazama versus Ryu and Heihachi versus Akuma. Since both the crossovers, Tekken X Street Fighter  and Street Fighter X Tekken, are in the early stages of development, it is still unsure whether it will come to PC.

Here’s the Wikipedia article for it:


Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition – And lastly we come to THE fighting game of the immortals. Having viewed it on YouTube and briefly played it on a PS3, I KNOW this game is the best. It is a game of skill unlike all other fighting games where a n00b can mash buttons and win (Read: Tekken player with Eddy Gordo). It will be enough if I reproduce one paragraph from Wikipedia (Less: Reference markers):

” IGN gave the game a 9.0 and an Editor’s Choice award, calling it “a superior version of one of the best fighting games around… with a far more developed online mode compared to the original version”. GameTrailers gave the game 9.3, praising it for its improvements over the original. Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann gave the game 5/5 saying “Super Street Fighter IV adds enough great new content to justify skipping over the ‘Champion Edition’ and ‘Hyper Fighting’ steps in the Street Fighter upgrade path.” play³ gave the game 95%, as they had done with its predecessor.

CVG gave the 3DS Edition a score of 9.0, praising its appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers, as well as having as much content as its console counterpart. Kotaku also praised the port, saying “if you are going to buy one 3DS game, get this.” ”

According to my friend, it will be the Arcade edition of the game that will probably make it to the PC, with two NEW characters hyperventilating being added for that version only.

Here’s the Wikipedia article for it:

Life is good. My annual horoscope DID say that 2011 would be an awesome year for me. 😀

But thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to read my work (If you are my friends, “’bout time, slugs!”). Please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest and appreciate. :)

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Inspiration Strikes. :O

A regular catchword you might find in every person’s (and cretin’s) dictionary today is “Inspiration” (bet that rung a bell). Every person (note: person) believes inspiration is the key to success – It is the harbinger of triumph. Inspiration helps you get that promotion. It urges you to run that extra minute on the treadmill. It pushes you to stretch and reach that tantalizing tub of chicken innocuous pile of fresh fruit. Inspiration loops “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Dream On” and of course, “Eye of the Tiger” in your head, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. You may blubber jadedly while frothing at the mouth with a manic look in your eyes that you possibly could not do another 500 push-ups, but “inspiration” (here a euphemism for a dictator – girlfriend, father, mother, “pados ke Sharmaji” (The neighbouring Sharmaji) or whoever) will kick your behind and MAKE YOU ACHIEVE.

You may have understood that I’m not a big fan of the word. Firstly, it is the way of the material world that unless you achieve, you will be nameless forever. It is never considered that perhaps, just perhaps, you don’t want to be famous. Why wouldn’t somebody want to be famous? Death threats, rip-offs, superfluous criticisms from fat cat critics – That’s the dream! Right? Hence, it is of vital consequence that you achieve. It makes you feel good about yourself!

I want you to achieve!
And so does Samuel Jackson, muthafuka!


Inspiration is a word much abused these days, what with the Indian Film Industry (we need to stop calling it Bollywood as that is also “inspired”) being “inspired” for song tunes and movie scripts and whatnot. But the bottom line is that it is teh secks that little extra bit which makes something good into something great.

And considering that it is one of the factors that people such as me need to write trashy bulkpigu (that’s the new Bullshit, btw) interesting pieces of art, I will need to adopt a more tolerant approach towards it. So get inspired people, because creative pursuits suck donkeys are under-par without an idea, theme, or an inclination, which IS what we dub inspiration.

But Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to read my work (If you are my friends, “’bout time, slugs!”). Please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest and appreciate. :)

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Post-War Synopsis

So today’s the 24th day of the 4th month of the 2011th year after Christ. That would be the 114th day of the 2011th year after Christ. That would be the … you get the idea.

An observation may be made here – The more holidays you get, the droller your observations become. -_-

So, the board examinations ended on the 31st of March for us. Everybody’s whooping with joy, crying tears of happiness and hugging their loved ones of having survived the month-long onslaught of the evil “Council”. April 1st – The jubilation is still high. Cut to a few days later (The actual number of days depends from person to person, varying on the basis of patience, energy, average time spent sleeping, willpower, inner strength, the force and Universe juice.). I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m lolling about my home, sapped of energy, head slouched and drooling on my outstretched arm which is supported from below by a table. After class 12 comes a sudden horrible realization to a student – They’re not on vacation. They’re unemployed.

I wish I could go out with my friends. But my best friends are all the really smart, achiever type. My two (of three) best friends were in Commerce with me and they’re both studying Law. The examination happens to be on the 15th of May and they are both prepping for it. One’s locked himself away. x_x

My last best friend (no hidden meaning intended) was a Science student. ‘Nuff said. In case it isn’t, this implies he’s preparing for 7-8 examinations in quick succession. It would seem a crime worse than murder to ask him to go along somewhere.

My other friends, more streetsmart than intelligent, are also not available. They’re going to an office. facepalm It seems I’m the only one sitting at home.

Another observation: Before a set of examinations (id est Boards), a student will make a list of several things to do POST-examinations. After said tests (because I’m tired of typing out exa… you know.), those particular lists vacate the human memory banks faster than the material learned for the exa… you know. A more graphic metaphor may be the Roadrunner on steroids.

Nevertheless, I found some productive ways to keep me busy. Note: Sending short messages via phone are NOT productive (as far as I have been told).As NIIT was denied me, and thanks to a friend who goes by the screen name “Aciidb0mb3r”, I am now teaching myself (using a tutorial of course. Come on, I’m no prodigy.) Visual C# .NET – A nice esoteric yet mnemonic name for a programming language. Also (don’t laugh), we bought a guitar for my sister to get some classes (first class being the pending Wednesday) and I’m teaching myself that too (again, using a tutorial).

Anyway, I must now conclude because it is time for me to continue with my daily ritual of gymming. I missed yesterday and am sure the Work-out Gods (whoever they are) will be very angry with me, and today I must run extra hard on the treadmill to appease them, as they enjoy watching people suffer and the sight of bulging bellies bodily bouncing visibly (bisibly?) is a spectacle they love to watch on their top-of-the-line HD TVs in super-slow motion.

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to read my work (If you are my friends, “’bout time, slugs!”). Please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest and appreciate. 🙂

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