Building: An Analogy

Some free writing about building a building.

It begins with hope, as most things do. You dig out the foundation with care and toil, because you know it is the support system for everything that will sit on it. You level it out and make it sound, you remove all debris, and you put in effort day after day to add layer upon layer, the ground floor the most difficult to put down because you’re still learning.

Eventually you get to the first floor, then the second, maybe even a third. Walls and columns and beams and ceilings. Sheet glass windows are a nice touch. Tiled flooring or carpet? You fill in the holes of your love with cement, hardening with time until nothing palpitates anymore. Over time, you see change and progress and satisfaction and disillusionment and emptiness and shock and heartbreak. Here is the building in all its unfinishedness. You see it as a task you can’t handle anymore because you will never be satisfied and it will never be complete. Your heart isn’t in it anymore and it is now worthless to you.

You call me and you go to sleep and I take over. You watch as I run everything into the ground, as your hard work slowly crumbles and burns. The foundation of the building caving in to flood and rot. Weeds grow out of the ashes, greedily consuming any nourishment that might have been the seed for rejuvenation. The ground is dry and barren. Everything is dead and will remain so for a while.

And that’s how I feel about writing a book.

#FridayFiction – Clarissa: Chapter 4

“What does not bend must break.” – A story about Clarissa Williams. Chapter 4 of 12 in this #FridayFiction series.

Clarissa was shocked to see this brusque, burly neanderthal who hit children for mere slights. She wasn’t about to bear silent witness to that. Calling out to him, she stormed over to give this modern-day ogre a piece of her mind. He didn’t look very intimidating physically, but she was sure to the child, he was a monstrous, mountain of a man. Continue reading “#FridayFiction – Clarissa: Chapter 4”

#FridayFiction – Clarissa: Chapter 3

“What does not bend must break.” – A story about Clarissa Williams. Chapter 3 of 12 in this #FridayFiction series.

Clarissa bounded lightly forward as she smiled wide to herself. Her meeting request with the publisher had been approved handily. She was to go in tomorrow with a presentation and pitch for her book. Today was free though – she decided to freely enjoy herself in the park. Continue reading “#FridayFiction – Clarissa: Chapter 3”

#FridayFiction – Clarissa: Chapter 2

“What does not bend must break.” – A story about Clarissa Williams | #FridayFiction

Hi, this is chapter 2 of a 12 chapter story about a girl named Clarissa. You can read the previous chapter –> Clarissa: Chapter 1 here!

The Publisher was a creature of habit. He’d often be deemed boring by others. There was nothing untoward about him. A set of principles kept him disciplined and tart. He preferred his arms crossed behind him. He was lean, tall, and greying. He wore rectangular, rimless glasses.

His office was an expanse of brown. His chair had a straight wooden back, and a large table in front was neatly organized. Calendar, scheduler, telephone, casual notepad, pencils, pens, all sat neatly within the semi-circle of arm’s reach. Erasers in the stationary box lay unused.

The Publisher was used to uncomfortable people. Years of experience let him ignore unpleasantness. Despite being a family man, he needed no one. He took his company to new heights, with a knack for identifying successes and trailblazers.

He was crisp and precise. He knew who would succeed. He denied those who wouldn’t. It was cold and calculated. His ruthlessness led to success. He didn’t write anything himself. That part of him died long ago.

Just today, he’d spoken with fifteen hopefuls, all of them pitching their worthless millennial prose and grade school poetry. None passed. He didn’t hire a junior editor to wade through the riff-raff – one never knew what would bring in more money for the company. His instinct in all pitches was necessary for continued success. As such, he felt no disdain for the unworthy, although he beleaguered them until cracks and strains and plot-holes revealed themselves, and always left the young writer wondering whether he had been helped or hindered.

This was what he did. He was disciplined, not callous. Giving advice and tough love to writers was standard fare. That is how successes are made. However, his altruism generated no pride in him. It was just another day to the Publisher.

You’ve now been introduced to the two major characters. Leave a comment below about what you thought about The Publisher, and what you think will happen in the following chapters. If you like, share this out with #FridayFiction.

Chapter 3 has been released and you can see it –> Right Here.

#FridayFiction – Clarissa: Chapter 1

“What does not bend must break.” – A story about Clarissa Williams | #FridayFiction

Clarissa Williams was comfortable with her adverbs and adjectives, thank you very much. She loved lovingly, laughed wonderfully, enjoyed herself thoroughly and smiled prettily. She liked wearing dramatically bright clothes and playing horrifyingly gory video games. Her workouts were painfully thorough and quite strictly planned.

What she was uncomfortable with though, were self-sufficient nouns and verbs. She hated motioning and pointing, and couldn’t idle on a chair. She couldn’t stand being engrossed in a book or engorged on food, and would table any discourse, diatribe, dialogue or discussion. It maddened and aggravated her to saunter into such conversation, and, finding herself rightfully pissed off at the sheer indignity of it all, she would prefer to storm off, but only if she could manage to do so angrily.

As a writer of sorts, she liked to imagine a stark blank canvas that she filled in with colours. The nouns were important, they were the dark blacks and the light whites and the subtle greys that gave depth and definition to her art, but the true colours – the bright, expressive, and delightful ones – were the descriptives – the adjectives and adverbs. With those she could paint angry reds and sultry maroons, aloof blues and cool teals. She could portray envious greens and greedy emeralds, while sneaking in some silly yellows and lustrous golds.

She liked to be sparing with her time, and didn’t have much patience for pleasantries and droll formalities. She wanted to be productive and enterprising, and as such she decided to approach a publisher with an idea. Now this publisher was a character of his own sort, and his muted eccentricities and unyielding approach made him a trouble to work with. But he was a legend in the business, so Clarissa decided to try her luck, and scheduled an appointment.

Hi, this is chapter 1 of a 12 chapter story about a girl named Clarissa, and I’m playing around with some ideas. Leave a comment below about how this chapter made you feel, and what you expect to see in the following chapters.

Chapter 2 has been released and you can see it –> Right Here!

Friday Showcase: Power Girl and Adam Warlock

I show off my drawings of Adam Warlock and Power Girl.

Hi everyone! For this week’s showcase, I wanted to show (off) a couple of drawings I did of existing characters. It was incredibly satisfying to draw these two comic book characters, and despite the proportions being somewhat off, I am really proud of myself for this. I want to re-draw more comic book characters in the future, so look forward to that!
My drawing is on the left, and the reference image is on the right. I HAVE NOT DONE THAT COLORING, LOL. Click on the image to open it full-size.
(All copyrights to images belong to their original creators, I only own the recreation on the left. )

Adam Warlock, from Marvel Comics
Power Girl, from DC (Detective Comics)

Check out the Library for other stuff! Thanks for coming!

Friday Showcase: #FreeMeme 1- HAPPY!

The first friday showcase. Presenting free meme number 1 – HAPPY!

I promised a friday feature which will be more media oriented, and here is the first one. I sometimes draw on my phone using an app called Infinite Painter – Free. It’s a great app. The results have had a distinct “reactionary image” feel to them, so I thought I’d share them out with everyone to use if you like. Continue reading “Friday Showcase: #FreeMeme 1- HAPPY!”

A Barrage of Salt Water

Patrick could not be happier. It was a beautiful day and he was strolling through the park, holding hands with a beautiful woman… He could feel the tears well up in his eyes, but he was too distracted to check them before they fell. Slow at first, he burst quietly like a beaver’s dam, a quiet stream of tears falling down his face.

A Barrage of Salt Water

AKA Not Alone in the Park


Patrick could not be happier. It was a beautiful day and he was strolling through the park, holding hands with a beautiful woman. They had just had a rather charming picnic, and were now whiling their time away, without a care in the world. His string of misfortunes had ended, and in just eight months, his life had changed. He was now engaged to a former Miss Austria, his income was steady again, and he rarely found himself uninterested or bored.

Life was improving Continue reading “A Barrage of Salt Water”

Cascader: Writing 101, Day 5

A Cascader on the given topic. Finding a letter that deeply moves you.

I haven’t done the Day 4 assignment yet. I’m at a loss on what to write about (no pun intended). I’ll approach that later, however it works out. But day 5 is easy for me, because it’s the perfect setting for a Cascader. A Cascader is a form of writing that I invented on my own, which is a series of progressively shorter forms of writing about interpretations of a single word or concept. You can read more about Cascaders below:

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Continue reading “Cascader: Writing 101, Day 5”