The Most Annoying Person in the World

#MicroblogMondays February 8th, 2016 – Who is the most annoying person in the world? The one who knows he’s wrong but keeps arguing.

Who is the most annoying person in the world? The one who knows s/he’s wrong but continues to argue, apparently for pride.

A few days ago, someone on a food group I follow posted this old dead joke – “Those who eat masala dosa with knife and fork should drink sambhar with a straw.” It’d been doing the rounds for months and it was stupid. A lot of people commented on it negatively, and I did as well, with “Copied joke. And why would you care? Eyes on your own plate, buddy.” The latter point had been raised by others as well, because this is a great group of food content creators. Continue reading “The Most Annoying Person in the World”

#MicroblogMondays – February Begins! Blog Changes

Week 5 of #MicroblogMondays – February begins and changes are in order. Also, good to get feedback.

The new month February is upon us and I’m going strong on maintaining both my resolutions and this blog so far. January has been a success in my books, though it took a good toll on my health.

Life is about moving forwards and upwards, right? Which is why we look back, and make changes to what we don’t like – and that is what I need to do to keep the momentum going while improving my health and efficiency. Continue reading “#MicroblogMondays – February Begins! Blog Changes”

#MicroblogMondays Week 3, 2016

Week 3 of #MicroblogMondays – with a theme of body clock this week, the posts seem to be an exercise of humble pie for me.

This week, the theme is body clock. Now I have first-hand experience with letting your body clock spiral out of control, and this week’s posts serve as a reminder to myself that I should really write these as much in advance as I can. 😛 I’m yet to write the other four posts. Continue reading “#MicroblogMondays Week 3, 2016”

#MicroblogMondays Week 2, 2016

Week 2 of #MicroblogMondays – kicking off the week of “empowerment” with an act of empowerment of my own.

Hi, and welcome to a new week at Thorough and Unkempt. Starting off again this week with #MicroblogMondays and the theme for this week is empowerment. Continue reading “#MicroblogMondays Week 2, 2016”

#MicroblogMondays Week 1, 2016

#MicroblogMondays Week 1, 2016. Hello again.

The New Year is upon us. I have a new ambitious posting schedule, but I don’t want to put it out there in detail, only because I’ve shot myself in the foot many times. I’m pre-writing and scheduling posts as much as I can, and hopefully I will have everything in place for your reading pleasure.

Do note that Appreciating returns as a weekly feature, but it’ll be on Wednesdays instead, so I can do #MicroblogMondays. This week’s Appreciating will be about the new year.

As you might have already seen, #FridayFiction is another weekly that started last Friday. The story of Clarissa Williams will be in 12 parts, so expect one every Friday, except the last week of every month. That’s reserved for something else. 😉

This new, ambitious schedule is one-thirteenth of my New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe I’ll write a detailed post about it soon. What are your resolutions this year? How do you plan to achieve them? Leave a comment below with your answers. 🙂

Also, suggest a sign-off phrase? So far, I’ve always ended with –
Thank you for reading.