#RecipeLab: Daal Week 5 – Daal Makhani

Daal Week 5 – Everyone’s favourite – Daal Makhani, restaurant quality! | Check back in the 4th week of every month for new recipes.

Daal Week 5 - Daal Makhani | Thorough and Unkempt.

Daal Week 5: Ending daal week with a bang! This is a lot of people’s favourite daal item to have – certainly is mine. I got this recipe from my aunt, who got the head chef of a certain 5 star hotel’s restaurant to give it to her. This is restaurant-quality kali daal, [email protected]#&*!#$!%er!

This recipe requires very little effort, but needs a lot of time – several hours, in fact.

Here’s the recipe (serves 1-2).

Daal Makhani / Kali Daal

Whole Black Urad Daal 3/4 cup ~150g
Tomato Puree 1 pouch 200mlUse the store-bought ones.
Garlic and Ginger 2 tsp ~30gUse the pre-made paste.
Green Chillies 2
Saltto tasteUrad daal needs a lot of salt.
Red Chilly Powder2 tsp 10g
Coriander leaves 1/2 a bunch A good handful.
Kasuri Methi1 tsp 5g
Cream / Milk2 tbsp ~30gUse store-bought cream.
ButterA LOT Use at least 40g.

Daal Week 5 - Daal Makhani | Thorough and Unkempt.


  • Wash the daal 3 times* and soak it overnight.
    (*You’ll see the water become milky with starch and dirt.)
  • Chop the green chillies and coriander leaves fine.


  • Use a pressure cooker to boil the daal for 3-4 whistles. Let it cool so that the cooker can open safely.
  • Put the daal back on the heat, either in the same cooker or a kadai – use a thick bottomed container. Add the tomato puree and stir.
  • Add the ginger, garlic, chopped chillies, salt, and chilly powder. Add a little water and simmer for at least 3 hours. Check back often to stir, so that the bottom doesn’t stick too much or become too dry (add a little water if so)
  • After at least 3 hours, add all the chopped coriander, milk/cream, and butter.
  • Roast the kasuri methi leaves in a dry pan and crush them (they’ll become powder). Add this powder to the daal (use only 1tsp). Mix well and serve hot.


Daal Week 5 - Daal Makhani | Thorough and Unkempt.
A little alternate presentation.

And that’s it! As a variation, also add red kidney beans to the daal, giving them the same treatment. I served the daal with ready-to-eat parathas heated up (cuts out all the hassle) but you can make your own bread if you want.

For the alternate presentation, I used a small drinking glass, not a shot glass. Cut the bread in half, and then each piece into a third and two-thirds pieces. Put the 1/3 into the class. Take the 2/3rd and apply pudina chutney on top, add cheese (should melt if your paratha is hot). Fold into the glass and spoon daal in. Garnish with vinegar onions, a slice of lemon, red chilly paste and coriander.

That ends the first instance of my cooking posts and concludes Daal Week. Thank you for checking out #RecipeLab! If you like this recipe, leave me a comment below telling me about the recipe and your preferences.

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