#RecipeLab: Sandwich Week 2 – Egg and Banana

Sandwich Week 2 – Egg, Banana and Lettuce sandwich – Easy to throw together and nutritious. | Check back in the 4th week of every month for new recipes.

Sandwich Week 2 - Egg and Banana | #RecipeLab | Thorough and Unkempt

Sandwich Week 2:  This is a simple 15 minute recipe that is nutritious and easy to put together. Banana has a rich, full flavour that really works well with eggs – french toast is often served with sweetened bananas. It is also a very filling sandwich – the bananas, the starchy bread and the hardboiled eggs are all very filling food items.

Before I talk more about the dish, and customizations, here’s the recipe (serves 1).

Egg, Banana and Lettuce Sandwich

Bread of Choice3 slices Use a harder bread.
Bananas2 mediumSlightly unripe ones won’t be runny.
Honey (Opt.) 1-2 tbsp ~15-30gTo sweeten the filling.
Lettuce2 leaves
Salt and Pepperto taste
Condiments1/2 tbsp

 Sandwich Week 2 - Egg and Banana | #RecipeLab | Thorough and Unkempt


  • Hard boil the eggs. Add a teaspoon of salt to cold water and gently place in 2 eggs. Put the eggs and water on a medium flame for 9 minutes (Use a timer) to get semi hard boiled eggs (AKA 3/4 boiled eggs).
  • Let the eggs cool in cold water for 5 minutes. Peel them.
  • Peel and cut up the banana. Mash manually or in a blender.
  • Chop up the eggs into small pieces and add to the banana. Mash again, preferably with a blender.
  • Roll up your lettuce leaves and cut thin strips. This is a technique known as chiffonade. Add your lettuce strips to the banana and egg mixture.
  • Season your mixture with salt, pepper, honey and condiments of choice.


  • Toast the bread.
  • Smear condiments onto different slices of bread.
  • Add your filling, spooning it onto a slice of bread until half the centre is covered.
  • Close the sandwich and press down a little to spread the filling. Cut and serve.


Sandwich Week 2 - Egg and Banana | #RecipeLab | Thorough and Unkempt

Customizations: Blanched spinach will go very well with the eggs – chiffonade the spinach leaves too.
Instead of honey, you could use peanut butter, which works with bananas, and adds both sweetness and richness to the sandwich.
Instead of toasting the bread in a toaster, you could pan-fry it in a small knob of butter. If you do that, make sure your filling is quite thick – the bread will be soft and become soggy quickly.
Lastly, instead of chiffonading the lettuce, you could keep it whole and wrap it around the filling. That way your sandwich stays a little neater.

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