#RecipeLab: Sandwich Week 3 – Coconut and Curd

Sandwich Week 3 – Coconut and Yoghurt sandwich – A childhood favourite of mine. | Check back in the 4th week of every month for new recipes.

Sandwich Week 3 - Coconut and Curd | #RecipeLab | Thorough and Unkempt

Sandwich Week 3:  A very basic, simple sandwich that my mother has been making for me since childhood – it brings back fond memories of sweet and savoury fusion goodness.

Her recipe is as simple as desiccated coconut, yoghurt/curd, and green chillies. I’ve switched it around, as you’ll see below.

Before I talk more about the dish, and customizations, here’s the recipe (serves 1).

Coconut and Yoghurt Sandwich

Bread of Choice4 slices Use regular white/brown bread.
Coconut1 You’ll need a coconut scraper.
Yoghurt1 small bag ~250ml
Red Chilly Powder 1 tsp ~5gAn alternative to green chilly.
Salt 1 tsp ~5g
GheeFor pan-frying.

Optional Marinara Sauce

Tomatoes3 medium Whole or Puree
Onions1 large Diced
Garlic2 cloves Chopped finely
Red Wine Vinegar1/2 tsp A dash, ~2 ml *See note below.
Olive Oil1-2 tbsp ~15-30ml Alternative: vegetable oil.
Herbsup to choice Oregano, Basil. Fresh is better.
Salt and Sugar1 tsp each ~4g each Adjust to taste. Use brown sugar.

Some chefs call for balsamic vinegar in their marinara recipe, while some don’t use vinegar at all. I find red wine vinegar works amazingly well in any tomato based sauce.
Sandwich Week 3 - Coconut and Curd | #RecipeLab | Thorough and Unkempt


  • Use a cheese cloth or any thin cloth (e.g. a dupatta) and hang up the curd. You’ll immediately see it losing water. Let it hang for 20-30 minutes while you do everything else.
  • Break open your coconut and use the scraper to scrape out the white flesh. This can be a frustrating task but keep at it!
  • Mix together your hung curd and coconut. Add red chilly powder / chopped green chilly and salt.

I served the sandwich with a marinara sauce because it complements the cool flavour of the coconut and curd filling so well. It serves as an opposite flavour so you don’t get bored eating too much curd.

  • For the marinara, slice up your onion and garlic. Add them to a frying pan with the oil, and put over a medium heat.
  • Blend your tomatoes (quartered and watery centers removed) with the salt and sugar. If you’re using puree you don’t need to do this.
  • When the onions have softened and are beginning to brown, add your blended tomato / puree. Stir well and turn the flame up to high so that the tomato juice cooks off.
  • Add the vinegar and stir till the sauce has become quite thick. It should be a spooning consistency – it shouldn’t be runny, but it shouldn’t be a paste either.
  • Take off from the heat and stir in your fresh or dried herbs. The residual heat will cook them.

This marinara recipe goes great with sandwiches, on pizzas, and as the base to curry gravies.


  • Lay a couple of spoons of filling in between two slices of bread and use the spoon to spread the filling to the edges.
  • Brush the outer sides of both slices of bread with ghee, and fry in a pan over medium heat for a couple of minutes until golden brown.
    Using ghee is important to get the slightly fermented flavour. If that is not your thing, go for butter, but ghee is far better.
  • Serve with marinara sauce, or condiments of choice. I cut the sandwiches in half and used an oven skewer to stack them up, adding a little marinara in between each sandwich slice.

Sandwich Week 3 - Coconut and Curd | #RecipeLab | Thorough and Unkempt

Customizations: You don’t have to use marinara. A mint chutney works just as well.
With the curd, indian spices such as turmeric and cumin work well, adding another depth of flavour.
Peanuts complement coconuts nicely. Chop them up fine and add them to the filling.

Thank you for checking out #RecipeLab and Sandwich Week 3! If you like this recipe, leave me a comment below telling me about the recipe and your preferences. There are more recipes in Sandwich Week – check back on the Navigation Post Right Here to see the other recipes, or check out the Cooking category in the Library to see what else I have. 🙂