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#TalkbackTuesday number 63 – with Budhaditya, Bose and we talk about the IT industry, music, and adventure.

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Hi, and welcome to #TalkbackTuesday. This week’s interview is with Mr. Budhaditya Bose. See his interview below.

Talkback Tuesday is a weekly interview with everyday people. It is always inspirational to look into the life of another person and realize it is just as complex and large and confusing as your own.

1. For the readers, who are you, what do you do, and what is your current side project?

My Name is Budhaditya Bose, and I am a BCA grad student from Dinabandhu Andrews Institute of Technology and Management.

Though being from a background of IT and loving it at the same time, and previously having jobs at 2 IT firms, I am currently a freelance music producer, working on a short film from a reputed house.

I am planning to go back to IT again, just not sure when. Currently, I am working on two productions as a side project for my music page, Bose Sounds.

In a Glance: Budhaditya is a music producer, with a background in and love for IT. You can find him at Bose Sounds on YouTube.

2. Tell me about Bose Sounds. Who or what encouraged you to get into the music industry, and given you want to get back into IT, what goals motivate and excite you about Bose Sounds?

Being precise about this question is hard so I have to detail it a bit. To start with, my family runs a reputed music school from which many have went to big competitions.

Yet I was never interested in music, until I was in 10th grade, when I came to listen to reputed guitarists at G3 guitar festivals. After that I learnt guitar, and I started to learn jazz and blues. I was very loved among teachers for my passion and performance, but also being from a not rich background, I realized, that Jazz and Blues is not the thing that would bring me food in the future.

So I had to leave it and go to BCA, from the middle of B.Com. 10 years before I fell in love with music, I was only interested in Science and Technology. I was glued to discovery channels, books and articles about those. Yet I was very aggressive about those. I was like, “I love science, so I will study only that. Not Geography or History.”

Bose Sounds | Budhaditya Bose #TalkbackTuesday
Budhaditya has a history with music and IT both, and he explores both.

So I got my results. Poor numbers in those stopped me from getting science, so I went with commerce. I went to BCA with pride and confidence, but it all changed. 8085 8086, A chapter about microcontrollers which I drooled over for a whole semester wasn’t even touched because it was not important for exams. System architecture and Operating Systems, were only covered following the question pattern. So I knew by that time that this was a mistake.

But again, I learnt web developing by myself. I currently run my college’s internal admission system, and have never been not selected in interviews. If only one person could get the job, it was me. But the problem started when I was in the jobs. They gave me projects, to learn, to implement, and I couldn’t find any answers to them. I asked. They would tell me to copy-paste and try, more like a trial and error and not a technical approach.

I felt it was the same as my BCA studies. I left the company and joined another one. Similar stories there, so I left that job too. On the other hand, I was already working on my own music from the start of my degree. I worked for Tata on internal documentaries and left unpaid, I worked for Gigabyte and Asus fan forums on the BG Music in their videos, and also continued making my own music.

Bose Sounds Cover | Budhaditya Bose #TalkbackTuesday
Budhaditya created and runs Bose Sounds, his music brand.

I decided to start a systematic approach for people to know about my stuff, so I created Bose Sounds. A Facebook page, an Instagram profile, a SoundCloud and YouTube page. And started putting content on there. People listen to me and I get good feedback.

Now I don’t exactly know when to go back and when not to, because as usual my music isn’t the food and water for majority of Indian listeners. So It won’t bring me food all over again. But still, I work for money sometimes, and I like making music. Future plans for Bose Sounds is to promote it to larger scales and make people hear my music. Dreams are there to perform on stage like big producers but those are out of reach for now.

But if you ask me about Bose Sounds and my future dreams, this is it. Sorry for a big explanation, but this is it. Getting back to IT is still motivated by my love about IT, and same goes for music. I believe I was never on the usual and on-rail platforms for any of those.

3. In your experiences, things you have tried have not lived up to your expectations, like IT or academics. With music, you’re a little more satisfied but it seems you have doubts or misgivings. As a person, what is your deepest desire? What is it that you cannot imagine yourself not doing?

Deepest desire… well, I don’t believe in love… it’s not for me. But I love to see people in love and how they are overjoyed by that. I want to make my listeners feel more in love and passionate through my music.

In this complicated world, if music can be played that hits both the pleasure and pain centers of the brain, I wish to make it. So if people feel a subtle and unknown type of pain, my music will get them out of it. That’s my ambition for music and myself.

Every art has a high sexual side to it. Paintings and certain dance forms can manipulate people into sexual thoughts, but music can’t do that directly. Indirectly, music does [awaken sexuality], but listeners are unable to credit it. I want that feeling to be felt within my music. 3 minutes of time, and the person is in a whole other dimension of consciousness and passion — that’s my aim.

I want to make my listeners feel more in love and passionate through my music. So if people feel a subtle and unknown type of pain, my music will get them out of it.

I love philosophy and psychology. I can read people, and I want to manipulate them for good via music. This is my deepest desire. I can’t ever imagine me working from 9 to 5, have kids, put them through costly schools, then brag about their marks in public and bribe the way for a government job or an MBA for them. [I can’t imagine] living a life like millions of others, without adventure. I like to make my own streets and walk there.

4. Fantastic. So given that you find love and sexual awakening in music and adventure off the beaten path, what are your top 3 pieces of advice for people to discover themselves and better connect to their emotional, spiritual, or sexual selves?

A question, where logically I would say cultivate yourself, like hundreds of others would say. But philosophically, I say try to know yourself. Love and sexuality are all hidden in the subconscious part of your brain. You can’t control them as will. They control you.

But you can know them. Meditation is the answer. Bring a question to your mind about yourself. Forget all logic and pre-stated rules of life, and then try to find the answers. But this is a path of infinity. If you find one answer, it will lead you to 5 more questions. That’s the key.

Dreams are a form of astral communication but you don’t know when it’s a dream. Try to unlock the key to know about it. This is called lucid dreaming, where you know you are dreaming, so there is a pinch of reasoning and logic and yet you can explore your true spirituality and yourself.

It can be depressing. You can find yourself in questions with no answers and answers that you won’t like. But for the sake of music, for art, to make others slaves of their spirituality, and actually feel submitted to their own true selves and attain a state of peace, you need to know and feel all those things yourself first.

If you are a business man and only care about money, or fame, or you have a job that’s only related to your logical senses, you don’t have to do these at all. But if you are an artist, and you want to awaken yourself, you just might.

So as per the question of 3 pieces of advice to connect to their emotional, spiritual, or sexual selves, I would say:

  1. Become conscious of yourself.
  2. Depression might follow, but embrace it.
  3. Making your own street is hard. You may find joy in walking it but you have to forge it first. You might lose things, people, love on the way. But isn’t that the way? You have to lose something to attain something. Embrace your pain and fears.

In a Glance: Try meditation to free your mind. Explore your spirituality through your dreams. Become conscious of yourself. Don’t be afraid of depression. Embrace your pain and fears.

5. Great. Finally, what can you leave the audience with? What should they explore next?

If the reader is an artist: Listen to yourself. That’s the key.

This blog is a great blog as I also have read others. Mr. Vaibhav has found a way to connect people in a way where strangers know another stranger like a best friend after 2 years.

If you want to know what I meant by spiritual awakening via music, find ambient tracks from my YouTube channel:
https://www.youtube.com/user/mrbudhaditya1 and hear them.

My ambition is people. If someone finds peace, I attain a part of my ambition.

[You can find Budhaditya on his YouTube or his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/bosesounds/]

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