An Automation Engineer Talks About Simple Goals | Shraddha Radhakrishna #TalkbackTuesday

#TalkbackTuesday number 67 – with Shraddha Radhakrishna, and we talk about automation testing and simple goals.

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Hi, and welcome to #TalkbackTuesday. This week’s interview is with Ms. Shraddha Radhakrishna. See her interview below.

Talkback Tuesday is a weekly interview with everyday people. It is always inspirational to look into the life of another person and realize it is just as complex and large and confusing as your own.

1. For the readers, who are you, what do you do, and what is your current side project?

I am Shraddha Radhakrishna, working at Siemens Technology and solutions as an Automation Engineer . I started my career as a web service tester, and while initially I found that work to be interesting, it quickly became tedious.

It’s tedious for the tester when you’re regression testing—checking to see if code changes didn’t break the old, working functionality. I started gaining interest in automation testing as it makes work easier and would have been an add-on to my career.

The transition wasn’t easy as I had to move from Web Service testing (with not much intervention of coding) to automation Engineer (where you deal with code every day). This transition didn’t come overnight. I had to be very patient to get from Manual to Automation.

It took months to lay the groundwork for this career shift. Today, I am happy being an automation engineer and would like to grow in the same field.

In a Glance: Shraddha started her career as a web service tester but found her calling amidst code as an automation engineer. She’s currently focused on advancing her career in that direction.

2. Why is automation engineering different for you from the other experiences you have had? As a female engineer, do you have any advice for young girls who might also want to become engineers?

Being an automation engineer, it makes me think of innovative ways to automate my work which in turn helps optimize the workflow. Every day is a new challenge and I believe it’s good to work in a challenging environment. Challenges makes you explore, and exploring makes you learn new things.

Shraddha Radhakrishna | #TalkbackTuesday
Shraddha is a female engineer and proud of it.

My advice is: Don’t let anyone push you back. There are many options – take internships and implement small projects. Follow your dreams, dreams that makes you happy at the end of the day. At the end, what matter is the satisfaction that you get out of any work, be it engineering or any other profession.

3. So what does a typical day look like for you? What things fall into routine at the office and how do you keep yourself interested and motivated?

Basically I start off my day by noting down all the tasks that have to be done for the day. Prioritize the tasks and work on them accordingly. I feel it’s a good habit to keep track of all the goals, and to achieve that we should plan our day-to-day goals.

I read many motivational quotes to keep myself motivated, it helps me to focus on my career and inspires me to work towards it.

4. Great. So given you’ve found your calling and enjoy your work, what are 3 goals beyond your work that you want to achieve, and why those 3?

1) Firstly I would like to make sure that my parents are happy.

2) Secondly I would like to take up teaching since I believe in sharing knowledge will helps others as well as helps me to grow. I will be able to learn something new.

3) I would like to take up a child education responsibility from orphanage.

5. Great. Finally, what can you leave the audience with? What should they explore next?

I would suggest a book called The power of your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. The books guides you towards happiness and peace of mind you can achieve simply by using the power of your mind.

It talks about how our conscious and subconscious mind work – the way they function. The book helps to change our thinking and tell us how we can achieve something that we love in a positive manner.

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