Inspiration Strikes. :O

A regular catchword you might find in every person’s (and cretin’s) dictionary today is “Inspiration” (bet that rung a bell). Every person (note: person) believes inspiration is the key to success – It is the harbinger of triumph. Inspiration helps you get that promotion. It urges you to run that extra minute on the treadmill. It pushes you to stretch and reach that tantalizing tub of chicken innocuous pile of fresh fruit. Inspiration loops “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Dream On” and of course, “Eye of the Tiger” in your head, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. You may blubber jadedly while frothing at the mouth with a manic look in your eyes that you possibly could not do another 500 push-ups, but “inspiration” (here a euphemism for a dictator – girlfriend, father, mother, “pados ke Sharmaji” (The neighbouring Sharmaji) or whoever) will kick your behind and MAKE YOU ACHIEVE.

You may have understood that I’m not a big fan of the word. Firstly, it is the way of the material world that unless you achieve, you will be nameless forever. It is never considered that perhaps, just perhaps, you don’t want to be famous. Why wouldn’t somebody want to be famous? Death threats, rip-offs, superfluous criticisms from fat cat critics – That’s the dream! Right? Hence, it is of vital consequence that you achieve. It makes you feel good about yourself!

I want you to achieve!
And so does Samuel Jackson, muthafuka!


Inspiration is a word much abused these days, what with the Indian Film Industry (we need to stop calling it Bollywood as that is also “inspired”) being “inspired” for song tunes and movie scripts and whatnot. But the bottom line is that it is teh secks that little extra bit which makes something good into something great.

And considering that it is one of the factors that people such as me need to write trashy bulkpigu (that’s the new Bullshit, btw) interesting pieces of art, I will need to adopt a more tolerant approach towards it. So get inspired people, because creative pursuits suck donkeys are under-par without an idea, theme, or an inclination, which IS what we dub inspiration.

But Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to read my work (If you are my friends, “’bout time, slugs!”). Please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest and appreciate. :)

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