April: New Month, Same Blocks

April comes around, and what does that mean for you? I continue to struggle with mental blocks and look to other places for motivation.

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It’s very hard to be consistent. It’s very hard to commit to your goals without external motivation. You need coherent, consistent effort to do so. This is a bit of rambling about that.

Happy April, reader. What will you be doing this month?

The Blogging Community

The blogging community is in full swing doing the #AtoZChallenge, where you publish posts themed with the letters of the alphabet throughout the month. If that intrigues you, see the hashtag on Twitter to find reading material. Here are two personal recommendations to start you off:
Beautiful” | The Moving Quill, Shailaja V
Being You” | Happiness and Food, Parul Thakur

I’m not participating, which I’ll get to below.

WrestleMania 33

The wrestling world just had its biggest event of the year, WrestleMania 33. Old legends and new Superstars collided, kingslayers reigned supreme, the era of phenomenal continues. The Undertaker had what is probably his last match, retiring after an illustrious career spanning three decades. Every fan is sad. Now the rest of the month will be about looking forward, creating new stories and memories.


The Toastmasters district 92 is in full preparation for its annual conference next month, with pieces coming together from hundreds of clubs. Those pieces assume position over the course of this month, with a few speakers winning a hierarchy of competitions to cement their place at Coronation 2017, and maybe beyond, eyes set at the world championship of public speaking.


What does my month look like? Conducting more interviews for Talkback, and giving one interview myself for something else. Managing a writing slate for more posts on Thorough and Unkempt on a regular, sustained basis, without burning out. Building and writing, maybe even guest blogging.

I’m not doing the #AtoZChallenge because I cannot, yet. I’ll hate myself trying to accomplish it. Instead, I’m going to try to continue a post every Monday, a Talkback every Tuesday, and a new themed article for every Thursday of this month. Look forward to one this week.

I shall continue trying to sustain good habits, which also means continuing to train and become athletic again. Fighting melancholy, boredom, and apathy every day.

It’s hard to sustain these good habits. You need coherent, consistent effort to do so. But what is worth having, is worth struggling for.

So in that vein, what will your April 2017 be?