Coming Up

Hi guys,

So it’s been near two weeks since I wrote something. Such a shame, because the blog was just starting to pick up. 😛

I’ve been insanely busy though, what with wrapping up college projects and laboratory records and whatnot, and trying to find time with friends and make grand gestures of nostalgic camaraderie. :/
Anyway, I’m sorry for the slack, and this is a short piece to tell you about stuff that I’ll put up soon.

I recently bought a new phone (and with my own money no less), and I love it, so I might put up an end-user review here. The device in question is the Motorola Moto G.

There’s a grand gesture of nostalgic camaraderie coming up tomorrow (postponed from today), so I will document it and put it up soon, hopefully by Saturday evening (IST).

I also loved the Weekly Writing Challenge and the concept of imagesets of 3, so I will probably write something in that capacity soon.

I have about 20 ideas and drafts for Assorted Essays, but I doubt you’ll see any of those this week. Sorry. 🙂

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Alright, back to feeling suicidal over my college project. See you guys soon! 🙂