Dealing With Things, One Thing at a Time

Hi guys,

As I mentioned in the previous post, I wrote a second piece for the Oracle blog which can be found here: Oracle Blog
I’ve nevertheless reproduced it here for you. Please enjoy.

There’s a lot to be said about the work we choose to do, and the work we want to do. Three years ago, when I graduated from high school, I chose to start a personal blog. The original reasons escape me, but I believe it had something to do with expanding my horizons and engaging in meaningful, satisfying projects. When I am at my blunt best, one of my favourite life theories is to view your own timeline as a series of projects. I believe people do something similar with what are referred to as “phases”, but I prefer the term project because it indicates the need and passion to get involved and do work yourself.
Back to the personal blog, my very first post was a simple summary of where I thought I stood, and I indicated a feeling of being lost when I realised that I was not on vacation, but was unemployed. At the time, school was all I had known, and there is a limbo between graduating from school and getting accepted to a college. Thankfully, I did not go through a similar experience recently, because the collegiate system allows us to sit for placements and get accepted into a company (hopefully of choice) well before graduating, and I did with Oracle.
So I mentioned projects, and I mentioned unemployment. It may or may not seem to sound uncomfortably like a “job” to you, dear reader, but if it does, I’d ask you not to view any job with tension or dread of any sort. You may have heard time and again people saying that one should love the work they do, and only do the work they love. From my little life experience, I can concur with that – at any time, personal projects that I have undertaken – blogging, art and clay modelling, cooking etc., I have taken them with joy and eagerness that comes from a feeling of freedom.
If you are like me, you know that we live in an era of freedom never equalled before, and you know that you can do anything you like, if you choose to do it. I anticipate my new position as Associate Technical Writer at Oracle, because I enjoy writing, and I choose to look at it as my next big project. I’m sure it will come with its own challenges, and of course there might be constraints to work with that might not have been there with other projects I’ve done, but that is the challenge and thrill of working on a new project. Every project is different from the previous one, and that is the way to be. I strongly believe that the “peace” so sought after by the philosophers of times past is a dreadful bore, and is the same as atrophy. I believe that people, or at least people like me, can only be happy when we have a big juicy project to dig into, and we thrive in the joy of having things to do.
We should never “deal” with things – the connotation of “dealing” implies tolerating something or getting it over with quickly, like ripping off a Band-Aid. Instead, we should choose to “do” things instead, only we should do things one at a time, mostly, simply because we can give that single thing all our enthusiasm and attention, and we can avoid feeling over encumbered so that we may take the next thing with the same enthusiasm and attention as the last one.