How To Start Your Day Just Right

It’s 7:30 AM right now where I am, and I need to start dressing for college. Nevertheless, I read my mail and I see two new posts from Blogs that I follow:
Forgiveness is Hard – A post that reflects many of my own thoughts, and gives me hope that people from all religions and those choosing not to be religious can get along quite easily. Thank you for your post, Ms. Vida – I read your blog to prove to myself that I am secular, and I walk away with wisdom and validation.

Five Proven Methods for Interstellar High-Fives – A post so perfect, that it appeals to both the bro generation and to the Doctor Who fan in me. Bring together all my fandoms, Ms. Laura Palmer and please continue your fantastic writings. They are a pleasure to read.

Reading stuff like this early in the morning evokes all sorts of positive feelings, and then you top it off with breakfast!

Self-Made Breakfast
The best thing ever!

And yes, that is me on the mug – It’s something I got for my birthday in 2012, and I refuse to drink stuff from anything else. 🙂

So, I’m having a great morning *touchwood*, and hopefully this continues into the rest of the day. Wish you all a great morning too! 🙂

Question: Leave a comment on what you think is a great morning, or a description of the best morning you have ever had.

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