I come back this week.

Tomorrow is my last examination for a long, long while. Like, really long. Like I-got-a-job long. And on Thursday, I head home to Kolkata… by train, so I shall arrive Friday afternoon.

Before that I have to wrap up many things here, like cleaning, and meeting a few people, and getting some other work out of the way. Basically, what I am saying is that I’ll be free starting Friday afternoon.

So it is perfectly logical that I promise that there will be two new essays put up this week, probably Saturday. Two long essays. Like, really long. Like 5-pages-each-holy-cow-are-you-kidding-me long. Yeah… perfectly logical.  🙂 😀

I haven’t given this blog attention for nearly a month now, but I refuse to let my 2014 momentum go and let tumbleweed gather in this blog again. I’m unemployed again, for nearly 3 months this time. I plan to use this time to re-learn Android, and put out at least 1 app on the Play Store, so look out for that (I’ll update that here), and of course, to write several pieces for this blog.

My current post count is 36 or so. I want to set a realistic goal here, so by June 1st, I’ll get that post count to at least 60, where at the bare minimum 15 of those 24 new posts will be essays or stories. Because I <3 you, the readers of my old young blog. I hope that is an acceptable number.

Coming back to the 2 posts for this Saturday (IST, BTW) – I think they’ll be posts on “The Grand Gesture of Nostalgic Camaraderie” that I mentioned in Coming Up (almost ready), and a nice long essay on Exaggeration, so look forward to it.

Excluding Facebook and Twitter, I have 42 followers (nice number for sci-fi fans). I take this moment to mention you all by name (see if you figure out how to read the names) –

Followers and Readers and Scholars and therefore, Friends

and it is time I made them my top priority. 🙂 Coming back soon, wait for me.