Monday Muse: My Problem with Compromise

I talk about my issue with attempting every daily prompt, and talk about compromise and effort.

Welcome back to Monday Muse. 🙂

Of late, I’ve been using social media a lot more than I did before, especially Facebook, where I post quite a lot of things. Facebook contains shared images from several pages, besides being sort of a dumping ground for my original content (which goes on WordPress, here), my food pictures (which goes on Instagram), and one-liners and news (which go on Twitter). I use Linkedin, Pinterest and Tumblr (except to auto-share blog and Insta) sparingly. I barely ever open Reddit. And that’s all the networks I use.

This isn’t a conscious decision for me. It’s just that I’ve become more active. It does stem from or otherwise aid a conscious desire.

I love this blog. I love WordPress and the WP blogosphere and community. In my experience, I have come across only good-natured, polite, passionate and vulnerable people (vulnerable in a good sense, they share their lives and stories with the world). It’s a thriving, ever-growing community that, at least for me, centers around The Daily Post, which along with the WordPress Reader acts as my hub for action.

Such a hub is the place I’ve always wanted to be part of. It is where I’ve always wanted to put forth my ideas, sometimes radical or whimsical, and debate the merit of those ideas. It is where I wanted to learn philosophy and be part of intellectual conversations. And so I did post my ideas and content, but I have not received a lot of feedback. And then I realized that I’m very detached from the community.

The community gives when it receives. To be involved, I must associate with common challenges, and read other people’s blog to encourage them to read my own. I must also put out a steady stream of content so that interested readers keep coming back, and relationships form. For this reason, unconsciously, I participated in the daily prompts for last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. However I did not like the prompt for Saturday so I didn’t write it, and I got zero activity (which is obvious, sort of).

So here comes the compromise part – do I keep the blog completely about the things I want to write, and take the lesser traffic? Or do I write every prompt, which still encourage my own experiences, even if I don’t like one, and enjoy the higher traffic?

This is a classic case of being spoiled. Of course in this case I must consider that I cannot have the best of both worlds without making some sort of compromise, or applying extraordinary effort to change my system up entirely.

And this is, I believe, a problem with a majority of people, with a heavy focus on sigh “my generation”. People my age or younger, especially people (priviliged enough to be) on the internet, exhibit this quite blatantly. One of the many advantages of social media is that you can see human behaviour very easily in trends, because such a vast majority of people my age or younger don’t think twice before posting something on Twitter or Tumblr. That’s why you see stuff like this:

And then there is this: When Trolling gets teens thrown in Jail

Now why I say people my age don’t consider compromise is because you see people like this also talking about “having” to do things like go to school and pick up groceries, where on the opposite side of the world you have Malala Yousafzai fighting for her right to do the same things. It’s a privilege that they don’t understand. There’s also a lot of “ugh”ing going around too. And I hate using that term “privilege” because radical (and often crazy) people on Tumblr have taken it beyond extremes and devalued its seriousness as they have done a lot of things. Look up SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) to see what I mean. I was originally going to write about Anger today, and it was focused on SJWs, but I got too angry to write.

In my general experience too, I’ve seen so many people who want things without having to give something in return or work for it, and that is simply not the way things work. The slightest inconvenience is “literally” (another misused term) “the worst” or “torture”. There’s no perspective there.

What do you think? What is the extent of “privilege” that you believe in? How does parenting factor into this? What are your suggestions for improving perspective, or empathy, or the spirit of compromise in people?
Also, what is your opinion on my prima donna behaviour regarding my blog? Please leave your answers and feedback in the comments below.

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