Multiple Personality Order, Part I – An Introduction

Having a slight inclination towards literary and artful pursuits will lead you to form some theories on an assortment of topics over time. I don’t know if it exists as a “proper” theory, and I haven’t done any ‘experiments’ to prove it, but one of these theories of mine is, as you can see by the title, Multiple Personality Order. I know, it’s a cheesy rip-off of the disorder of the same name , but it effectively describes what I propose.

Cheesy Rip-off :3

The basic theory goes that all extremities of character by which we classify personalities co-exist in every individual in a disproportionate ratio and the dominant trait overshadows all remaining traits at most times but not always. With liberalization of thought and society, the said dominance diminishes in magnitude over time. And those wordy sentences were constructed on the fly; I don’t think in that manner. 😀

Sometimes, I think in THIS manner.

What this basically means is that everyone is a bit of a stud, a jock, a geek, a nerd, a goth, a loner, a romantic, an aggressor, a masochist etc. Several factors, both personal and environmental, cause some  of these personalities to develop and others to regress. e.g. a competitive family (siblings), a pushy father, a need to impress, an interest in sports broadcasts and other related factors may be the factors responsible in the development of an athletic and competitive nature (i.e. jock)
Similarly, other causes may create the myriad of personalities that we witness daily.

We may find that conflicting traits can easily exist in a person. e.g. Why do peeople enjoy gulping down a hot drink? Why do we find pleasure in the slight burning sensation as the liquid passes down our throat? Why does scratching an itch relieve us of it? Scratching is essentially applying force to self, which inflicts pain. Punching a wall hurts, but it vents frustration. Why? If my theory is to be believed, then it would be the degree of masochistic feeling in us (In case you don’t know what a masochist is, it is a person who finds pleasure in feeling pain).

Grade-A masochist

Our sadism is the trait that we overlook most in our self. A sadist is a person who finds pleasure in inflicting pain. It is to be noted that judging the degree of sadism in others comes to us naturally, but it is altogether more difficult to do the same for ourselves. This is because sadism is generally a negative trait and people believe that they’re faultless angels. Either way, just like other traits, there is a certain level of sadism in everyone (according to my theory atleast). At one point of time or another, we’ve oppressed something or someone, be it an ant, a fly, a dog, a cat, a stranger, or your best friend. Maybe you stole someone’s taxi (this means you got into a taxicab hailed by someone else, not that you drove away in some poor guy’s livelihood). Maybe you cut a line; maybe you bullied someone. Even if you hit a doll, it is technically sadism. And that is okay, because you haven’t hurt another person. This is of course assuming that the defenceless doll is your own and not some child’s. If you did that, you’re evil.

Sadism - Stealing candy from a baby.

This concludes part I of MPO with Vaibhav. Please look forward to part II with my friend, Vaibhav. 😛

But Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to read my work. Please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest and appreciate. :)

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