New Year, New Beginnings at Oracle

Hi guys.
If I hadn’t mentioned it explicitly before, I am graduating next month and the next phase of my life, or “project” if you will, will be at Oracle Server Technologies, where I have been offered a position as a technical writer. As part of the fresher process, I was asked to write a short piece which would be published on Oracle’s blog. This is the original post, which did not get published because of an understandable lapse in time. You can’t exactly put a new year post in April (UNLESS… you’re talking about the financial/academic year! :O ). Anyway, I’m reproducing this here and the published piece in another post for your enjoyment.

“New year, new beginnings”, so the saying goes. Happy New Year to all of you.
A majority of us make resolutions at the cusp of the New Year – It is a tradition that we all have grown up with, despite being from radically different cultures and climes. But there are precious rare moments in life, when everything coincides and all the stars line up. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world to experience such a moment.
2014 has been, so far, such a point in my life. While 2013 started off great, it eventually led to some shortcomings. I enjoy writing, and had hoped to include more of it in my life, which is part of the reason I applied to Oracle for a Curriculum Developer position in October.
Clearing the first few rounds was a thrilling experience. It started with an aptitude test, and led to an actual assignment, which would show us one dimension of the career as a Curriculum Developer at Oracle. The assignment was to create a presentation on the Oracle Cloud service, and it was followed up by a round where I was asked to formally present this PowerPoint Presentation to a live panel! The presentation lasted close to 90 minutes, and was easily in my top 5 most thrilling moments of 2013. Everything was going smoothly, but sadly I could not clear the next set of interviews.
It was a disappointing moment, but I moved past it after an amount of time. And then everything changed 18th December, when I received a call from Oracle, saying that they had an opening for a Technical Writer position. I was thoroughly excited and in two days, I was given an assignment to do from home, which I did with great enthusiasm and care. I had anticipated that I would receive a reply by the 23rd. When I didn’t, I spent most of the last week of 2013 in varying moods, and varying levels of anticipation. I had been informed that Oracle staff would be on vacation during the Christmas and New Year week, and so I bided my time, hoping the New Year would bring better news.
Lo and behold! On the 2nd of January, I received news of having cleared the written test, and was quickly scheduled for interviews, which went quite well. It was fun to talk to 4 different technical writers employed by Oracle and to learn from them about their experience in the field and of working with Oracle.
This has also been the year that I revamped and re-energized my personal blog, and so 2014 has been a writing year for me so far, and it makes me very happy. I look forward to hearing from Oracle, and hopefully everything goes well.
I conclude by telling other aspirants something that I was told by my would-be employer:
“Don’t think that [they] have forgotten about you.”(Emphasis-mine)
The Company cares as much about employing you as you care about getting employed. A career is a relationship between the company and you, based on professionalism and mutual goals. Do not be impatient, and if you have applied to any company, they will definitely hire you if both your goals meet.
Hope you all have a prosperous New Year and a wonderful life. Thank you for reading.