Piyush Daga (4892) – A new WordPresser emerges!

So a friend of mine from school started a (Indian) film review blog as recently as… 8 hours ago. His name is Piyush Daga, and he was the Prefect of the Student Council (=Student Body Head, Student President, The Big Kahuna etc.) from our batch (2011). His blog is born from motivation by several of us after reading some of his film reviews on Facebook. My job here is to make him look as cool as possible, so here goes.

Classy as f***
Classy as f***


Name: Piyush Daga

Education: St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore; Don Bosco School, Kolkata.

Blog: PiyushDaga4892
Blog Content: Reviews – Indian Films
Blogging Experience: Beginner

Herein I include his first post – A review of the movie “2 States”, released yesterday, based on the book of the same name by author Chetan Bhagat.

It was a mere coincidence that Chennai And Punjab clashed not only on the field but also in 1500 theatres of India today. In the end, the game and the love emerged victorious.
“Dil Chahta Hai” was a game changer. “Wake Up Sid!” was a breath of fresh air. “2 States” is on similar lines in terms of its execution; the common link being the music directors. The Music must be credited for the success of these films. The trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy catch the beat of the film. ‘Mast Magan’ and ‘Chandaniyan’ shine among the lot. The lyrics of Mast Magan carry that old world stamp! The music is well-knit with the storyline.
If one attributes a Rahul to SRK, then a Krish has to be Arjun Kapoor. After a long hiatus comes a name that suits the character and the actor to the core. In that sense, the film is close to the reality.
The first 40 minutes are surprisingly fast and thankfully so. The essence of the movie is not the love story but the TWO STATES. The casting is perfect. The marriage is shot beautifully. The fact that the couple does not want to elope did remind me of DDLJ.
Arjun looks like Junior Bachhan in parts, but thankfully underplays. He looks uninterested in the songs though.
The female lead-well just three words-AILA! AALI ALIA.. She looks beautiful, is a chicken eating Tamil Brahmin, and is not wannabee-ish to say the least!
The stars of the film are the parents-be it the rude Punjabi Amrita Singh, the graceful Revathi, the calm Shiv or the inebriated Ronit Roy. The parents own the film. It is more about the difference between two parts of India- North and South. The love story is only a medium to portray the 2 states. The biggest highlight is the relationship between Krish and his father. Hats off to Abhishek Varman for showing us this bond. It is the most complicated one and he handles it very well. The Hero is undoubtedly RONIT ROY. A very restrained yet heart-warming act!

Watch it with friends. The dialogues are funny. It is common parlance.

Does this generation really care for family values? Chetan Bhagat did. Do you?