Post Number 60: We Did It, Barely

Evaluating if I met my 2 month goal. I did.

On March 31st, I outlined here that I’d focus on my blog a lot and get to 60 posts by June 1st.

I also said that “at the bare minimum 15 of those 24 new posts will be essays or stories”. Let’s see how I’ve done:

Over the course of 2 months I’ve published 24 posts including this one. Roughly they are:

I consider Cascaders to be stories, so all-in-all, I stand at 15 essays and stories, 2 reviews and several miscellaneous. I did not plan for it to be exactly 15. Phew!

I just noticed how many links there are now. I was thinking of discussing the future of this blog in this post, but I’ll save that for a coming-soon kind of thing. Please do go back and read these links that I’ve given and tell me what you think with a like/share or comment.

You can find more stuff in my Library. It has a recommended section too. 🙂 Or you can view related posts below. They’ll probably be milestone posts.

Thank you for reading! 🙂