Post-War Synopsis

So today’s the 24th day of the 4th month of the 2011th year after Christ. That would be the 114th day of the 2011th year after Christ. That would be the … you get the idea.

An observation may be made here – The more holidays you get, the droller your observations become. -_-

So, the board examinations ended on the 31st of March for us. Everybody’s whooping with joy, crying tears of happiness and hugging their loved ones of having survived the month-long onslaught of the evil “Council”. April 1st – The jubilation is still high. Cut to a few days later (The actual number of days depends from person to person, varying on the basis of patience, energy, average time spent sleeping, willpower, inner strength, the force and Universe juice.). I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m lolling about my home, sapped of energy, head slouched and drooling on my outstretched arm which is supported from below by a table. After class 12 comes a sudden horrible realization to a student – They’re not on vacation. They’re unemployed.

I wish I could go out with my friends. But my best friends are all the really smart, achiever type. My two (of three) best friends were in Commerce with me and they’re both studying Law. The examination happens to be on the 15th of May and they are both prepping for it. One’s locked himself away. x_x

My last best friend (no hidden meaning intended) was a Science student. ‘Nuff said. In case it isn’t, this implies he’s preparing for 7-8 examinations in quick succession. It would seem a crime worse than murder to ask him to go along somewhere.

My other friends, more streetsmart than intelligent, are also not available. They’re going to an office. facepalm It seems I’m the only one sitting at home.

Another observation: Before a set of examinations (id est Boards), a student will make a list of several things to do POST-examinations. After said tests (because I’m tired of typing out exa… you know.), those particular lists vacate the human memory banks faster than the material learned for the exa… you know. A more graphic metaphor may be the Roadrunner on steroids.

Nevertheless, I found some productive ways to keep me busy. Note: Sending short messages via phone are NOT productive (as far as I have been told).As NIIT was denied me, and thanks to a friend who goes by the screen name “Aciidb0mb3r”, I am now teaching myself (using a tutorial of course. Come on, I’m no prodigy.) Visual C# .NET – A nice esoteric yet mnemonic name for a programming language. Also (don’t laugh), we bought a guitar for my sister to get some classes (first class being the pending Wednesday) and I’m teaching myself that too (again, using a tutorial).

Anyway, I must now conclude because it is time for me to continue with my daily ritual of gymming. I missed yesterday and am sure the Work-out Gods (whoever they are) will be very angry with me, and today I must run extra hard on the treadmill to appease them, as they enjoy watching people suffer and the sight of bulging bellies bodily bouncing visibly (bisibly?) is a spectacle they love to watch on their top-of-the-line HD TVs in super-slow motion.

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to read my work (If you are my friends, “’bout time, slugs!”). Please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest and appreciate. 🙂

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