Rubber Band

Bear with me while I narrate an experiment for you to try. Take an ordinary rubber band and put it on a level surface; a table will do. Now use as many of your own digits (fingers and thumbs) as you like and stretch the band out, while keeping it on the table. With some effort, you should make a small polygon. You probably used two indices and two thumbs and hence should get a square.

Now take the same number of paperclips as the number of digits you used and hook them to the rubber band. I’m assuming you used four, so four paperclips. Keeping one digit on each paperclip and pulling, try forming the same polygon. It should be a lot easier to do now.

So what was the result of this experiment? Let’s review.

You kept a circular band on a surface and forced it out of its natural shape. It resisted, but the resistance weakened upon using implements (paper clips).

As with everything, philosophical ideas can be derived from this simple experiment too. This is where the post gets slightly depressing, so be warned.

Philosophy ahead

We have several components to consider here. The band itself, the digits, the clips and the table. First, let’s consider the most constant piece – the table, and use it as a metaphor for a person. Ordinary table, therefore ordinary person. In that case, what of the rubber band that is at all times on the table? It follows that the rubber band then becomes the human psyche. The rubber band is round – circular – the symbol for wholeness, and left alone, the psyche is whole. It is complete. But when you introduce worldly objects (Case in point: the digits and the clips), they become ‘hooks’ on the psyche that pull it apart, just like the clips become ‘hooks’ on the rubber band and change it. Eventually, with enough pulling, they would tear it apart.

That leaves the digits. What of them? One would say they are external influences, maybe people, ill-wishers, problem-makers, jokers, riddlers, two-faces, and the like.

The message of this little press is that everyone is a rubber band, and that there are always influences out there. Your thickness will save you from being torn apart, and if you are not torn apart, you will regain your composure and peace and become whole. Bear trouble. Shoulder it, but don’t get crushed under it. Believe that everything will work out for the best and everything will.

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to read my work. Please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest and appreciate. :)

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