Welcome to TaU, Population: 50

Hi guys,

I recently started using the WordPress app on my Android device. It suits me because I’m very comfortable with HTML, and I can add quick drafts to my blog, or even write full posts through it. It also displays my site stats in a very comfortable layout.
Yesterday, it did something that I didn’t know about, and it was pretty cool. It sent me a notification.


Wow. Yes, it has actually been three years. I started this blog straight out of high school, and this type of congratulations seems appropriate at this stage because I am entering a new project in my life.

I’ve gone back and read my posts from the beginning. I feel like I was the alcoholic step-dad for the first 2 years and 8 months of this blog’s life – I came in sporadically, rambled some incoherent nonsense in a fit of passion, and left. Over that course of time, I put out only 18 posts. That is 18 posts in 32 months. If I try, I could probably see the tumbleweed float through.

But then 2014 came, and with it came a new resolve, and a new resolution, and I got to work. While still not pushing myself as much as I probably should, I’m comfortably putting out content that I’m satisfied with as far as quality goes.

And so, my reward is down below.


While it is still not crazy growth, it’s a milestone for me. I now have 50 more beautiful people in my life, who are willing to give me their time and lend me an ear. Echoing the sentiment of ‘I Come Back This Week’, I’d like to thank you all once again.

I haven’t forgotten about the promises I made in the aforementioned post, and I think I will easily reach the target I set then. I still have to put out “The Grand Gesture of Nostalgic Cameraderie” though. ^^’ :developer:

Thanks for reading, guys. Please be sure to read my last post – Cascader: Dragons. A cascader is a new type of writing I’m trying (*cough* invented *cough*), and I want to put it out there. I’ll be writing another cascader tomorrow (in a few hours)(probably) so keep an eye out for that. 🙂 Again, thanks for reading. Here’s to more posts to come!