Cascader : Dragons

Anne could only think so hard without steam leaving her ears.
“But but… I was talking about real dragons!”

Hi guys,
I’ve been looking for new ways to write and new themes to explore. Ideally, I want to start a series of posts revolving around the same theme or style. Today I’ll be exploring minisagas and shorter forms of writing like 100-word, 50 word, haiku, tweet and 6-word stories. I’ve tried to make it so each can stand by itself, but is part of a bigger whole.

100 words: Resignation to Dragons

“But there are dragons all around us Anne!”, said Diana.
“There needn’t be scaly wings and fire-breathing behemoths for dragons to exist. Dragons exude power, and we’ve seen how power corrupts. They exist as leaders all around us, and  characteristically do not care for the musings of insects.
They hide in human form for deceit when they have use for us. But you cannot mistake their fiery eyes and forked tongues. Our circular walls will eventually fall to these giants. Ours is a sorry state, forced to choose how we burn. We are resigned to fate. We can only laugh!”

50 words: Dragons and Children

Anne could only think so hard without steam leaving her ears.
“But but… I was talking about real dragons! Wouldn’t it be cool to play with one? And and… to ride it way up on the sky… And wash it and stroke it… That would be awesome!” She was drooling.


Age is a mean friend,
It grows dragons in my mind.
The ice creeps in more.


Anne ran around, easily distracted. Diane looked on wistfully as sunbeams broke on her face. She wanted to erase the dark fangs of her past.

6 words:

‘To crawl back into an egg…’


Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments what you thought of this style and whether I should do more posts of this type.
Thank you again. 🙂

  • It seems as the word count goes down, more is left on the readers imagination.
    I loved the Haiku, and the 50 word stories.

    • Thanks Sidharath, I’m afraid that’s more due to the form rather than my own creativity. Nevertheless, if you like it, maybe you have a keyword or topic for me to write another cascader on? I’d love a suggestion.