Cascader Wednesdays: Moment


Sorry I missed the Wednesday, I was out on vacation from my vacation to go attend my convocation. It was a good presentation, and a great sensation. At this point, I’m just pulling this declaration to get in more words that end with -tion. Palpitation, consternation, abomination.

They say that when you’re about to die, your whole life flashes by in front of your eyes. Flashes is perhaps the right word, since the light all but blinded me. I was stunned at first, but then time slowed and the moment just wouldn’t end. Perhaps it was my brain reacting so that I’d save myself, or maybe it was divine intervention. It didn’t matter. I had already given up long ago. Or maybe it wasn’t long ago; I couldn’t tell. Here I was, on my knees and hands. It seemed silly. I laughed. And then the truck hit.

It hit her like a truck. The blinding light. The rising roar of sound. The throngs of people so far away on the other side. She was on display, with no one nearby to rely on. So she stood straight, and began to dance her heart out on her stage.

It’s but a series of moments, this stage,
And life a smaller series in this age.

Age seventy; Vision blurry; Moments spent.

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