Cascader: Writing 101, Day 5

A Cascader on the given topic. Finding a letter that deeply moves you.

I haven’t done the Day 4 assignment yet. I’m at a loss on what to write about (no pun intended). I’ll approach that later, however it works out. But day 5 is easy for me, because it’s the perfect setting for a Cascader. A Cascader is a form of writing that I invented on my own, which is a series of progressively shorter forms of writing about interpretations of a single word or concept. You can read more about Cascaders below:

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The topic describes my (or the first person’s) deep emotional reaction to a letter that I/she finds.

It had been a bad day. Nothing was going right and everyone was on edge. Mom and I had fought, and dad was shouting meaninglessly. I’m taking a walk outside to calm myself down. It’s not helping.
I was grumbling to myself as I turned a corner. I was strolling disinterestedly when I stepped on a piece of paper on the ground. It struck me as odd because it was bright red. I picked it up.
It was a short letter from a man to his mother. I read, and re-read it. I was disturbed. It was a suicide note.

As I stood reading, I became increasingly despondent. I had a suicide note in my hands. It wasn’t my friend’s, it was a stranger’s. And yet it hurt. I couldn’t understand why, as I cried tears onto the letter. I wish I could have helped. I wish I was there.

I’m sorry I pushed you away and vented my anger on you. I shouldn’t have blamed you. I’ve quit because I’m a coward. I’m sorry.

Ran back home. “I’m sorry, maa.”

Hi minna-san!

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