I’m amazed that not one looks up now, hoping to see

Falling cherry blossoms or dollar bills from heaven.

The first time I sat next to her after we became

Lovers, nor teenage, nor adult, I clenched her hand loose.

She pulled away, shy, perhaps a little  hint of shame.


The ice thawed out today, and I looked to the rivers,

In the end, we are after all alone when we die,

Happy ever after is a myth; Here and now is

A sample in this experiment, that tells us why

We struggle, and chase, and run; ’tis just to keep this bliss.


A one-second hug gives twelve minutes of happiness,

That’s a pretty good bargain. I’ll take a few dozen.

The rain came in today, and I looked up to the sky,

And hoped, and prayed, and wished for some serendipity,

And affirmed to myself to never once see her cry.


The forecast is no longer gloomy, not anymore,

The skies were invitingly bare, not a cloud in sight.

I lay on the lush grass with my head in her warm lap,

My affections soared out like a flock of birds in flight,

The daylight shone through today, on her face, through the gap.


I was afraid of the dark, and of the cold wetness,

That stirs quiet in my head. And when the daylight came,

I looked up gingerly, squinting to escape the glow

Of the edge of her silhouette, her eternal flame.

The daylight shone through today, and I won’t let her go.