Friday Showcase: #FreeMeme 1- HAPPY!

The first friday showcase. Presenting free meme number 1 – HAPPY!

I promised a friday feature which will be more media oriented, and here is the first one. I sometimes draw on my phone using an app called Infinite Painter – Free. It’s a great app. The results have had a distinct “reactionary image” feel to them, so I thought I’d share them out with everyone to use if you like.

I start this week with my (and my girlfriend’s) favourite one: HAPPY!

HAPPY!If you like using images and memes in conversation, feel free to use the url of or download that image – click on it for full size – and share it out.

You can even make memes out of the image. Here are some examples I made (click for gallery):

And finally, if you want to make your own memes, I have a blank version here (click for full size):


And that’s it! Some readers asked for more drawings/media, so this is a start. I have about 15 such drawings ready, besides other things. Friday Showcase will be about presenting something in non-essay formats, so if you want bite-sized posts, watch this space on Fridays!

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As always, thank you for reading!