#FridayFiction – Clarissa: Chapter 1

“What does not bend must break.” – A story about Clarissa Williams | #FridayFiction


Clarissa Williams was comfortable with her adverbs and adjectives, thank you very much. She loved lovingly, laughed wonderfully, enjoyed herself thoroughly and smiled prettily. She liked wearing dramatically bright clothes and playing horrifyingly gory video games. Her workouts were painfully thorough and quite strictly planned.

What she was uncomfortable with though, were self-sufficient nouns and verbs. She hated motioning and pointing, and couldn’t idle on a chair. She couldn’t stand being engrossed in a book or engorged on food, and would table any discourse, diatribe, dialogue or discussion. It maddened and aggravated her to saunter into such conversation, and, finding herself rightfully pissed off at the sheer indignity of it all, she would prefer to storm off, but only if she could manage to do so angrily.

As a writer of sorts, she liked to imagine a stark blank canvas that she filled in with colours. The nouns were important, they were the dark blacks and the light whites and the subtle greys that gave depth and definition to her art, but the true colours – the bright, expressive, and delightful ones – were the descriptives – the adjectives and adverbs. With those she could paint angry reds and sultry maroons, aloof blues and cool teals. She could portray envious greens and greedy emeralds, while sneaking in some silly yellows and lustrous golds.

She liked to be sparing with her time, and didn’t have much patience for pleasantries and droll formalities. She wanted to be productive and enterprising, and as such she decided to approach a publisher with an idea. Now this publisher was a character of his own sort, and his muted eccentricities and unyielding approach made him a trouble to work with. But he was a legend in the business, so Clarissa decided to try her luck, and scheduled an appointment.

Hi, this is chapter 1 of a 12 chapter story about a girl named Clarissa, and I’m playing around with some ideas. Leave a comment below about how this chapter made you feel, and what you expect to see in the following chapters.

Chapter 2 has been released and you can see it –> Right Here!