#FridayFiction – Clarissa: Chapter 2

“What does not bend must break.” – A story about Clarissa Williams | #FridayFiction


Hi, this is chapter 2 of a 12 chapter story about a girl named Clarissa. You can read the previous chapter –> Clarissa: Chapter 1 here!

The Publisher was a creature of habit. He’d often be deemed boring by others. There was nothing untoward about him. A set of principles kept him disciplined and tart. He preferred his arms crossed behind him. He was lean, tall, and greying. He wore rectangular, rimless glasses.

His office was an expanse of brown. His chair had a straight wooden back, and a large table in front was neatly organized. Calendar, scheduler, telephone, casual notepad, pencils, pens, all sat neatly within the semi-circle of arm’s reach. Erasers in the stationary box lay unused.

The Publisher was used to uncomfortable people. Years of experience let him ignore unpleasantness. Despite being a family man, he needed no one. He took his company to new heights, with a knack for identifying successes and trailblazers.

He was crisp and precise. He knew who would succeed. He denied those who wouldn’t. It was cold and calculated. His ruthlessness led to success. He didn’t write anything himself. That part of him died long ago.

Just today, he’d spoken with fifteen hopefuls, all of them pitching their worthless millennial prose and grade school poetry. None passed. He didn’t hire a junior editor to wade through the riff-raff – one never knew what would bring in more money for the company. His instinct in all pitches was necessary for continued success. As such, he felt no disdain for the unworthy, although he beleaguered them until cracks and strains and plot-holes revealed themselves, and always left the young writer wondering whether he had been helped or hindered.

This was what he did. He was disciplined, not callous. Giving advice and tough love to writers was standard fare. That is how successes are made. However, his altruism generated no pride in him. It was just another day to the Publisher.

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