#FridayFiction – Clarissa: Chapter 3

“What does not bend must break.” – A story about Clarissa Williams. Chapter 3 of 12 in this #FridayFiction series.


Clarissa bounded lightly forward as she smiled wide to herself. Her meeting request with the publisher had been approved handily. She was to go in tomorrow with a presentation and pitch for her book. Today was free though – she decided to freely enjoy herself in the park. Armed with piping hot coffee and her trusty brown jacket, she sat on a park bench enjoying the cool breeze, watching a couple of children playing with sticks, having a good time.

The boys had been whittling away at their sticks with pebbles, removing offshoots and nubs till the sticks became quite smooth. They seemed really happy with their own skill, and tossed one in between each other, as Clarissa looked on. Catching successfully time and again, they stood and started increasing the distance in between them, becoming more confident and tossing the stick harder. One got thrown too hard, and it was far above the reach of the receiver, flying across the field with force, only to meet the face of a man passing by.

The man, in crisp office-wear, was in a hurry to get to his workplace, when the stick hit him and knocked his glasses off, disorienting him. He looked around for the perpetrator as one ran up to him, clearly concerned and ashamed.

As he apologized humbly, he looked up to check and was stopped abruptly by a stinging sensation on his cheek as the man slapped him across his face. A tear forming in his eye, he watched as the man took the stick in both hands and displayed it for him to see, and applying force on it.The stick, unable to go anywhere, gave way easily and snapped in two.

“Hey!”, Clarissa shouted, and the man turned to her, one eyebrow raised at this intruder.


Hi! This is chapter 3 of Clarissa Williams’ story. Look forward to the next installment the following Friday. If you have any feedback, I welcome it in the comments below. Thank you for reading!