#FridayFiction – Clarissa: Chapter 4

“What does not bend must break.” – A story about Clarissa Williams. Chapter 4 of 12 in this #FridayFiction series.


Clarissa was shocked to see this brusque, burly neanderthal who hit children for mere slights. She wasn’t about to bear silent witness to that. Calling out to him, she stormed over to give this modern-day ogre a piece of her mind. He didn’t look very intimidating physically, but she was sure to the child, he was a monstrous, mountain of a man.

“Just what in the blue hell do you think you’re doing?” she declared loudly, clearly trying to catch the attention of passersby to help her out in the situation.

“I’m disciplining a delinquent, obviously,” the man simpered. Clarissa immediately disliked this man. He appeared slimy and snake-y in his mannerism. She decided his name is Sidewinder. “What business is it of yours?” he continued.

“It was obviously an accident. Don’t you have any self-control? Hitting a child, honestly! What is wrong with you?!”

“He hit me. I disciplined him. Stop trying to mollycoddle a criminal.”

“Criminal? Criminal?! You sir, are a deeply unhappy man. Don’t you dare take out your frustrations on a child, who obviously made a mistake. Leave or I’ll have you arrested for assaulting juveniles.”

“I don’t see how this is any of your concern,” Sidewinder hissed, “This is the problem with your generation. You interfere in things that don’t concern you. You have an opinion of everything and you’ll force your worldview on everybody else.” He wasn’t making any sense. Clarissa got increasingly flustered as she learnt that this man is way too intense for his own good. She wanted to end this any way she could.

“Get out of here before I call the police,” she said. Sidewinder looked ready to retaliate, but thought better of it and left, cursing her as he went.

“What a thoroughly unpleasant man,” Clarissa thought to herself.


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