Started in a moment of weakness, finished in a moment of calculation. Hope you like it.

He is not me, I am not he,
So many whims to live upto.
Forget he looks the same as me,
People hide behind honeyed words.
He holds respect; nothing for me,
Every mistake passed off as naught.

He is not me and I am not he,
Bold are the words of the strong-minded.
Forget that he looks the same as me,
They keep their backs erect and spines straight.
He holds high regard; nothing for me,
Each flaw of the foe a travesty.

He is not me, surely I am not he,
Business as normal no matter what.
Forget he looks mostly the same as me,
Their judgement flows from their eyes as through words.
He holds admiration; nothing for me.
Will I ever sate their burning hunger?


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