The Pointlessness of Waiting

I AM really uncomfortable right now. This story took me a week of blockages and story changes, and I’m sick right now. -.-‘
Therefore, please enjoy because I’m proud of how it turned out! 😀

“I’m really uncomfortable right now.”

“It’s a nice full day today,” Maice observed. “All right everyone, I want to see enthusiasm! Let’s go.” The staff spread out as customers started filing in. Duvairé had always been a popular restaurant, and it would be a rare day if you didn’t see at least three sets of customers waiting in the lounge for seats. They craved the highly acclaimed food, but they thronged the restaurant doors day and night for the high quality of service and welcoming nature of the staff.

The restaurant was quite large and well-lit. It had been quite fortuitous that they had been able to acquire that kind of land space for this, and they had made the best of it. The restaurant catered to the finest customers, and it definitely looked the part – with beautiful set pieces on every table and flowing curtains over the long windows. The square tables had been arranged in a loose grid, with each alternate column slightly offset for that perfect “arranged mess” look.

“I have to do well today. The old man is expecting it,” thought Maice, who had been left in charge that day. The regular manager was on a rare leave, and it was the first time Maice had been left in charge. Doing well would prove his chops, and improve his standing with his seniors and colleagues at the restaurant. He had a battle plan in place. Having been at the restaurant a couple of years now, he knew how the manager liked to handle his team, and how he approached the steady line of customers, making sure waiting times were low, and clients were happy. Maice had his own modifications ready, but he wanted to go by the book at first.

“I’m really uncomfortable right now,” he said softly, adjusting his tight work clothes. He stayed near the entrance of the kitchen, the strategic focal point to manage both the chefs and the waiters, handing out orders and encouragement in equal measure. Plate after beautiful plate quickly went out, as the staff quickly got into a familiar sync. They really didn’t need a head figure at the moment.

The evening was proceeding smoothly, as several guests expressed their satisfaction both verbally and with their tips. The staff was, by now, in to a smooth flow of operation, dispatching orders with machine-like precision. Everything was going great, and it was time for Maice to try out a little something extra.

“Dex, Robert, let’s go.”, he called. Two young staff members, previously on standby, came out from within the kitchen in full waiter uniform. “Dex, go to the young gentlemen at table 6, and Robert, you take the ladies at table 15.” he said, himself proceeding to table 24. “After that, take tables 12 and 18 respectively.”