One More Light of Gratitude, Week of 22nd July

One More Light of Gratitude is a public, anonymous mass gratitude journal to help fight mental anguish. It’s judgement-free and you can participate too.

One More Light of Gratitude | Gratitude Log

In memory of Chester Bennington’s death by suicide, One More Light of Gratitude is a public gratitude journal. It is now imperative to fight mental anguish and illness in tangible manners, and this is a space created for the purpose of immortalizing the good in your life, so you can see it when you need it the most.

I’m grateful for the love and affection people have showered me with the past week. Every single time I felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown someone pulled me back. Specifically, Chester Bennington’s death.

I was in not so apparent pain. And people showered me with love, care and patience when I needed it the most. Honestly blown away. I am grateful that such people exist. I am grateful that I matter.” ~AS

I’m grateful to have trusted my instincts in past, I reaped few rewards this week.” ~SK

I’m grateful for the people around me who help me put my life into perspective, make me stay grounded and afloat both and know exactly when to reach out to me.” ~AC

I’m grateful for my friends and my mother, who’ve been super supportive of me this past month–despite the fact that I’ve barely been able to give them any attention due to the academic rigour at my college.” ~RM

I’m grateful for all the people that reached out to me after Chester Bennington’s death. I’m also grateful to my gym trainer for helping me build up energy – that helped me get a lot of work done this week.” ~Vaibhav.

Thank you all for sharing a fraction of your life with me. Your gratitude is now tangible in the world, hopefully creating light for whoever reads it.

If you’d like to participate, you can make a submission below in the comments, or on my Facebook page (a post goes out on Saturdays).