One More Light of Gratitude, Week of 29th July

One More Light of Gratitude is a public, anonymous mass gratitude journal to help fight mental anguish. It’s judgement-free and you can participate too.

One More Light of Gratitude | Gratitude Log

In memory of Chester Bennington’s death by suicide, One More Light of Gratitude is a public gratitude journal. It is now imperative to fight mental anguish and illness in tangible manners, and this is a space created for the purpose of immortalizing the good in your life, so you can see it when you need it the most.

I am grateful to dogs for making me smile, even when I am having the absolutely worst day. Shibe videos can fix anything.” ~ AG

This week we went on a village immersion trip from college – – reminded me of my privileges and made me grateful for all the comforts I take for granted.” ~ RM

1) I am grateful that my sister is giving love another chance. 
2) I am grateful that I’ve received so much love and respect from my seniors.
3) I’m grateful to have really laughed in a long long time, last night. 
4) I am grateful I’ve been published in a major online publication. 
5) I am grateful to see things fall into place slowly and steadily.” ~ AS

I’d a long days at office this week! My parents were awake till late night just for my daily call, grateful for the love and affection! Unconditional indeed.” ~ SK

Totally grateful for having an amazing group of friends. 😊” ~SS

A delivery randomly showed up with no tax.” ~AM

A random person came nd wished me while I was roaming around in city centre salt lake. I couldn’t recognize him. But he said I had saved his wife’s life when she had presented with acute respiratory distress to rgkar when I had been posted in general emergency.” ~PB

Strangers on the streets of Bangalore who helped me navigate without access to Google Maps.  Turns out people are quite nice in general.” ~SP

I’m grateful for my team at Oracle, for keeping me on my toes, for keeping me invested and helping me learn. I have really enjoyed my job this past year, something I cannot say for the first two years I was there.” ~ Vaibhav

Thank you all for sharing a fraction of your life with me. Your gratitude is now tangible in the world, hopefully creating light for whoever reads it.

If you’d like to participate, you can make a submission below in the comments, or on my Facebook page (a post goes out on Saturdays).