Ice Cream

A letter to myself about a tone deaf ice cream commercial and health goals.

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Dear Vaibhav,

Inspiration can come from anywhere – you know that. You now have enough to self-sustain.

Every corporation in the world wants your money. Every last one of them, and they’re happy to let you feel like shit if it means turning a profit. You received this tone-deaf email from BigBasket about ice cream, right after you read a story about transformative health and fitness.

Big Basket Ice Cream Flyer
You NEED it.

“Go ahead and drown your sorrow in food, and pay us while you’re at it.”

Half your stress these days are because of your weight. The recurring depressive episodes and anxiety attacks are most often caused by underlying concern for your weight.

You’re fitter than last year, but it’s not nearly enough. The body requires a lot more exercise than you’re giving it. You’ve spent half a year educating yourself on nutrition and exercise. You’re better equipped to be healthy now than you’ve ever been.

You are ready for your late twenties goal that you have been writing about in private.

You’ve given enough patronage to KFC and other food outlets out of sadness. Now, if you decide to have KFC or ice cream, you will do it consciously, acknowledging that you hold the power and you will deal with the consequences of your decision.

Whenever you feel like shit and decide to order more food, come back to this article. You are now able to get back to the same level of motivation as you have while writing this.

This current week is about your habit tracker and only that. Everything else is secondary.

Go shred yourself,