Letters to Myself: Reply 2

Letters to Myself: Reply 2 is an exercise in forcing myself to step back and look at Vaibhav Gupta. Replies are the other me telling the first to chill.

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Hi Vaibhav,

Last week I read both your angry letters. They made sense, and they were very sobering.

Let’s review the week.

One more shutdown from you on Wednesday, for no reason at all. It was manageable after a couple of days, but I need you to tone it down, like seriously.

Good week for exercise, bad week for dance. 4 gym days I think, and only 1 dance class attended. We missed one because of your Wednesday shutdown.

On Sunday, I cleaned the house big time. Like, full-blown spring cleaning. Cleared out the disgusting filth in the fridge, scrubbed it inside out. Cleaned out the kitchen. Killed all the fruit flies. Put away most clothes. Scrubbed the floors sparkling. Good times, good times.

Source of anxieties, as always, was office, as I had to discover to pull you out of your tantrum. For low-stress work, it’s quite stressful, isn’t it? Well we bounced back well, and set the expectations for this coming week, so let’s hope we can finish up most of the tasks we laid down with our book lead.

Remember that it’s not necessary to finish them all, so don’t stress out over it, and just let me work. 8¬†of the 18 tasks are high priority, and we should focus on covering at least 5 of them. If we manage the 5, the remaining 3 can be quite easily covered in the following week.

We also have our Toastmasters CC1 speech coming up on Thursday, so it is imperative that we write and rehearse it either today or tomorrow (latest).

So during the week, we finally made an inquiry on a pet. On Saturday, we went over to the respondent’s house, and we met 8 of her 14 dogs. She lives alone, and manages 14 dogs. We decided that this is not the right time to adopt, but we volunteered to help her out occasionally. This coming Saturday, we have to go there again to help bathe them.

We have a couple of other things planned, but those are private. We’ll discuss in person.

The main blot of the week were the new earphones. I misplaced them one day after getting them, and it soured both your mood and mine. We’ve beaten ourselves up over it a couple of days, and now we aren’t doing that.

I have to give the house another big cleaning today, not as severe as last Sunday’s. Hopefully, we might find the earphones somewhere, if we did lose them in the house and not out somewhere.

All in all, it was a decent week. More importantly, we set up a busy next week, so that’s good. Looking forward to your letter on Saturday covering the events of the week.

Keep it slick,