Letters to Myself 4

Letters to Myself 4 is an exercise in forcing myself to step back and look at Vaibhav Gupta. I use it to track what I’ve done while learning to love myself.

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Hey Vaibhav,

It’s been a while since I last wrote to you. Nevertheless I want to keep this short.

You’re ill. Take care of yourself – it’s the mark of an adult who can handle his business by himself despite sickness.

You retired Fiction Friday without warning. I support the decision, chiefly because 5 posts a week was taking its toll on you. 4 is good enough, and you want to stay motivated enough to do this for the rest of the year. You should trim fluff that is hard to write and only acts as an obligation – it ends up being a drain of willpower rather than a motivation. The Life is a Game article said as much about willpower being the intangible.

Perhaps you could write fiction and publish it intermittently in its entirety. It’s been a while since we wrote a big juicy story.

Toastmasters was fun these two past events this week. It’s great improv practice as well. You should seriously consider joining for real.

Work is picking up too, so all in all, decent week.

You had that fleeting moment of panic on the stairs on Thursday. You should write about it. Also, it’s time to set some goals again. Not making lists really slows us down. Get to it.

You caught up with sleep this week, which was really necessary. Our body shut you down pretty quickly on Sunday and on Thursday, so you better start listening. A productive life starts with eating, sleeping, and exercising on time.

Your schedule is outdated. Take the time to sit down and reevaluate. I’d insisted we do it on a weekly basis, but neither of us has done that.

That’s about it. Get well soon.

In tune with you,

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