Letters to Myself 6

Letters to Myself 6 is an exercise in forcing myself to step back and look at Vaibhav Gupta. I use it to track what I’ve done while learning to love myself.

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Dear Vaibhav,

I wrote you an angry letter, but the world doesn’t need to see that. Suffice to say I’m very angry. So instead, here’s a toned down version.


Quickly reviewing the week – Good job on getting Recipe Lab out. We had some great recipes and you executed the presentation well. We received some good feedback, and you got SOME of it done in advance so it was a lot less stressful than last month. But, we missed a day and posted late.

Besides that, decent job on Toastmasters. You executed your role well but didn’t speak this week. That’s fine. We haven’t written our P1 speech yet and that is not fine. It’s a high priority.

Decent job on office work/meetings but it needs improvement. You helped out the new co-workers, and you took a session – well done.

Bad job on exercise. No gym this week. Missed one class on Friday as well. This is horrible. Get it together. Next week’s goal is 4 gym days and 3 classes.

We have a problem of consistency. The second you feel accomplished, happy, or satisfied, you loosen up. You build up all this anger and sadness and motivation and channel it SO WELL into doing tasks. You do it time and time again. But then one shower or one good meal later, that motivation is gone, because you’re happy in the moment.

Besides, it takes you a second to resort to your crutches. It takes a second to open up Youtube and order food online. I didn’t let you last night. Remember how we felt last night. Remember and keep that thought strong.

So get up. Clean and rearrange the house – this is your current top priority. Make a weight plan, and form your consistent exercise habits over the next month.

Write the blog posts for the entire month in not more than two sittings this weekend. Make your theme and your category landing pages. Plan out the goals of the month of March completely. Keep the anger – keep it and don’t let it go.