Your Three Part Day (Letters to Myself)

A letter, dated 19th July, 2017, at 11 in the night. About a winning strategy of dividing your work in to a three part day.

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Hi Vaibhav,

The best strategy is the one that works, and works sustainably, right? In my last letter to you on 10th June, I spoke to you about persistence and keeping your plans alive and making steady progress.

Let’s talk about the failure.

Did you continue to work on your meal plan and document your nutrition on Instagram? Nope. Stopped again. Eating junk, again.

But you continue to get fitter. You’re still making tangible progress – leaner and stronger and better looking than a month ago. I’ll have to let it slide, because I know you’re in no mood for my chastisement. However, I’d still like you to get back on that meal prep train soon.

Let’s talk about the success.

Do you continue to write everyday? Surprisingly, yes! We’ve now synced correctly, and we recognize who we are. We are writers, and we enjoy the art, style, hustle, and satisfaction of writing. And because we’re synced in, now you have even reduced the amount of YouTube you’re watching.

Take a moment to soak that in – you’ve reduced your YouTube addiction. That’s incredible!

You’ve reduced your distractions, and you work everyday, whether it be on the office tasks or the blog or the other forms of writing you’re engaged in. It’s hard not to be proud of you.

It is now time to implement a winning strategy.

So I’ve been tracking and grading your lifestyle, and recently, I noticed a trend that will help us both become more efficient with our daily progress.

You’ve not been able to work up the enthusiasm to train and exercise in the morning, but you have been decently consistent with afternoons. You’re also able to work on at least two major tasks a day. So why not combine all these into a simple structure?

I propose that we follow a three part day structure. From the time you wake up, you work on the one most important facet (probably office work) that you plan to do that day.

Regardless of when you wake up, you stop at 2 PM. So if you wake up at 6 and start working at 7, you’re giving task one 7 hours (which includes any breaks for food or rest, within reason), which is great.

On the flip side, if you wake up at 10 AM, that’s three realistic hours of work… so that’s a no-no. Fix your sleep.

Then from 2PM to 5PM, you’re locked for fitness. You prepare and leave for the gym immediately, and you do your training and come back and wash up. The remaining time is down time. Both the training and the rest will refresh me and let you feel good. You’ll set yourself up to start the next phase with fresh energy.

At 5PM, you begin task two, and you work on it (with your breaks) until sleep time, ideally 11PM. This is a simplistic, but efficient method that improves what you’re already doing.

There are obvious problems.

This plan works specifically for you, in your current work-from-home setup. Even office days are manageable since the office has a great gym. However, if you’re travelling, or attending events, this tends to fall apart quickly. Luckily, you’re in a position to anticipate days like that. For those days, we’ll need a different strategy.

We can probably make task two a simpler, more convenient task that day (e.g. conducting Talkback interviews or drafting on paper or the phone), and either shift training to the evening, or take a break that day. We’ll see how it goes.

Start implementing the three part day strategy immediately. I’ll speak to you again soon.