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Hi guys,

I recently started using the WordPress app on my Android device. It suits me because I’m very comfortable with HTML, and I can add quick drafts to my blog, or even write full posts through it. It also displays my site stats in a very comfortable layout.
Yesterday, it did something that I didn’t know about, and it was pretty cool. It sent me a notification.


Wow. Yes, it has actually been three years. I started this blog straight out of high school, and this type of congratulations seems appropriate at this stage because I am entering a new project in my life.

I’ve gone back and read my posts from the beginning. I feel like I was the alcoholic step-dad for the first 2 years and 8 months of this blog’s life – I came in sporadically, rambled some incoherent nonsense in a fit of passion, and left. Over that course of time, I put out only 18 posts. That is 18 posts in 32 months. If I try, I could probably see the tumbleweed float through.

But then 2014 came, and with it came a new resolve, and a new resolution, and I got to work. While still not pushing myself as much as I probably should, I’m comfortably putting out content that I’m satisfied with as far as quality goes.

And so, my reward is down below.


While it is still not crazy growth, it’s a milestone for me. I now have 50 more beautiful people in my life, who are willing to give me their time and lend me an ear. Echoing the sentiment of ‘I Come Back This Week’, I’d like to thank you all once again.

I haven’t forgotten about the promises I made in the aforementioned post, and I think I will easily reach the target I set then. I still have to put out “The Grand Gesture of Nostalgic Cameraderie” though. ^^’ :developer:

Thanks for reading, guys. Please be sure to read my last post – Cascader: Dragons. A cascader is a new type of writing I’m trying (*cough* invented *cough*), and I want to put it out there. I’ll be writing another cascader tomorrow (in a few hours)(probably) so keep an eye out for that. 🙂 Again, thanks for reading. Here’s to more posts to come!

Cascader : Dragons

Anne could only think so hard without steam leaving her ears.
“But but… I was talking about real dragons!”

Hi guys,
I’ve been looking for new ways to write and new themes to explore. Ideally, I want to start a series of posts revolving around the same theme or style. Today I’ll be exploring minisagas and shorter forms of writing like 100-word, 50 word, haiku, tweet and 6-word stories. I’ve tried to make it so each can stand by itself, but is part of a bigger whole.

100 words: Resignation to Dragons

“But there are dragons all around us Anne!”, said Diana.
“There needn’t be scaly wings and fire-breathing behemoths for dragons to exist. Dragons exude power, and we’ve seen how power corrupts. They exist as leaders all around us, and  characteristically do not care for the musings of insects.
They hide in human form for deceit when they have use for us. But you cannot mistake their fiery eyes and forked tongues. Our circular walls will eventually fall to these giants. Ours is a sorry state, forced to choose how we burn. We are resigned to fate. We can only laugh!”

50 words: Dragons and Children

Anne could only think so hard without steam leaving her ears.
“But but… I was talking about real dragons! Wouldn’t it be cool to play with one? And and… to ride it way up on the sky… And wash it and stroke it… That would be awesome!” She was drooling.


Age is a mean friend,
It grows dragons in my mind.
The ice creeps in more.


Anne ran around, easily distracted. Diane looked on wistfully as sunbeams broke on her face. She wanted to erase the dark fangs of her past.

6 words:

‘To crawl back into an egg…’


Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments what you thought of this style and whether I should do more posts of this type.
Thank you again. 🙂

We Got The Timing Down

A potential new project came up today and it could be exciting to work on. It’s still very preliminary so I will refrain from talking about it for now until I’ve cleared things with the client, but I wrote a new piece today as a sample for them. Since it is a sample, I think it’s okay to share it with you guys for your enjoyment.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way. Stand-up comedy is a financial nightmare and a laughable (no pun intended) career choice, at least in the traditional 9-to-5 sense. It is also a purely skill-based industry with a notorious return on investment. Confused? That last bit means that you could be good and they still won’t laugh. Indian parents especially would have seizures should their kids mention comedy as a career choice (oh Ganesha forbid!). Then why would anyone choose stand-up as a career choice?
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New Year, New Beginnings at Oracle

Hi guys.
If I hadn’t mentioned it explicitly before, I am graduating next month and the next phase of my life, or “project” if you will, will be at Oracle Server Technologies, where I have been offered a position as a technical writer. As part of the fresher process, I was asked to write a short piece which would be published on Oracle’s blog. This is the original post, which did not get published because of an understandable lapse in time. You can’t exactly put a new year post in April (UNLESS… you’re talking about the financial/academic year! :O ). Anyway, I’m reproducing this here and the published piece in another post for your enjoyment.

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The Pointlessness of Waiting

I AM really uncomfortable right now. This story took me a week of blockages and story changes, and I’m sick right now. -.-‘
Therefore, please enjoy because I’m proud of how it turned out! 😀

“I’m really uncomfortable right now.”

“It’s a nice full day today,” Maice observed. “All right everyone, I want to see enthusiasm! Let’s go.” The staff spread out as customers started filing in. Duvairé had always been a popular restaurant, and it would be a rare day if you didn’t see at least three sets of customers waiting in the lounge for seats. They craved the highly acclaimed food, but they thronged the restaurant doors day and night for the high quality of service and welcoming nature of the staff.

The restaurant was quite large and well-lit. It had been quite fortuitous that they had been able to acquire that kind of land space for this, and they had made the best of it. The restaurant catered to the finest customers, and it definitely looked the part – with beautiful set pieces on every table and flowing curtains over the long windows. The square tables had been arranged in a loose grid, with each alternate column slightly offset for that perfect “arranged mess” look.

“I have to do well today. The old man is expecting it,” thought Maice, who had been left in charge that day. The regular manager was on a rare leave, and it was the first time Maice had been left in charge. Doing well would prove his chops, and improve his standing with his seniors and colleagues at the restaurant. He had a battle plan in place. Having been at the restaurant a couple of years now, he knew how the manager liked to handle his team, and how he approached the steady line of customers, making sure waiting times were low, and clients were happy. Maice had his own modifications ready, but he wanted to go by the book at first.

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Piyush Daga (4892) – A new WordPresser emerges!

So a friend of mine from school started a (Indian) film review blog as recently as… 8 hours ago. His name is Piyush Daga, and he was the Prefect of the Student Council (=Student Body Head, Student President, The Big Kahuna etc.) from our batch (2011). His blog is born from motivation by several of us after reading some of his film reviews on Facebook. My job here is to make him look as cool as possible, so here goes.

Classy as f***
Classy as f***


Name: Piyush Daga

Education: St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore; Don Bosco School, Kolkata.

Blog: PiyushDaga4892
Blog Content: Reviews – Indian Films
Blogging Experience: Beginner

Herein I include his first post – A review of the movie “2 States”, released yesterday, based on the book of the same name by author Chetan Bhagat.

It was a mere coincidence that Chennai And Punjab clashed not only on the field but also in 1500 theatres of India today. In the end, the game and the love emerged victorious.
“Dil Chahta Hai” was a game changer. “Wake Up Sid!” was a breath of fresh air. “2 States” is on similar lines in terms of its execution; the common link being the music directors. The Music must be credited for the success of these films. The trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy catch the beat of the film. ‘Mast Magan’ and ‘Chandaniyan’ shine among the lot. The lyrics of Mast Magan carry that old world stamp! The music is well-knit with the storyline.
If one attributes a Rahul to SRK, then a Krish has to be Arjun Kapoor. After a long hiatus comes a name that suits the character and the actor to the core. In that sense, the film is close to the reality.
The first 40 minutes are surprisingly fast and thankfully so. The essence of the movie is not the love story but the TWO STATES. The casting is perfect. The marriage is shot beautifully. The fact that the couple does not want to elope did remind me of DDLJ.
Arjun looks like Junior Bachhan in parts, but thankfully underplays. He looks uninterested in the songs though.
The female lead-well just three words-AILA! AALI ALIA.. She looks beautiful, is a chicken eating Tamil Brahmin, and is not wannabee-ish to say the least!
The stars of the film are the parents-be it the rude Punjabi Amrita Singh, the graceful Revathi, the calm Shiv or the inebriated Ronit Roy. The parents own the film. It is more about the difference between two parts of India- North and South. The love story is only a medium to portray the 2 states. The biggest highlight is the relationship between Krish and his father. Hats off to Abhishek Varman for showing us this bond. It is the most complicated one and he handles it very well. The Hero is undoubtedly RONIT ROY. A very restrained yet heart-warming act!

Watch it with friends. The dialogues are funny. It is common parlance.

Does this generation really care for family values? Chetan Bhagat did. Do you?

WrestleMania 30: The Entertainment Extravaganza

Here follows my quick short review of WrestleMania 30, partly because after months and months, I have been satisfied by a PPV event, the last one being SummerSlam. Since then, each PPV has been a disappointment, bar The Shield, and screwy finishes and bad booking led to a very noticeable drop in ratings for the WWE. However, WrestleMania is the time they get their stuff together, and this time around, the extra effort showed in spades, with great match after great segment.

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The Gupta Family Curse lives on

To this day, the Gupta Family Curse lives on. We deal with it every time we travel by train. Sometimes, it would follow us to the skies, but it is most comfortable with the railways, because it gets more time to mess with us.

None of us know how it originated. We do not know which witch under which Cyprus tree brewed her malicious potions and who she slipped it to – us Guptas don’t keep historical records very well. My memory only goes as far back as my mother, when my sister and I were still part of this plague. We were squadron leaders on the dark side of the force, yet now we are not the hunters, we are the hunted.

Ah those were the days – the days we were oblivious to the curse. Back then, it wasn’t bothersome. It felt like a fly feels to a mighty lion – a minor annoyance. But ever since I got ahead of myself and recognised it, the curse has borne its fangs wide. Without fail, every train journey we take starts with us carefully and shiftily looking around us, for signs of the dreadful curse and sure enough, there they are – kids.

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I come back this week.

Tomorrow is my last examination for a long, long while. Like, really long. Like I-got-a-job long. And on Thursday, I head home to Kolkata… by train, so I shall arrive Friday afternoon.

Before that I have to wrap up many things here, like cleaning, and meeting a few people, and getting some other work out of the way. Basically, what I am saying is that I’ll be free starting Friday afternoon.

So it is perfectly logical that I promise that there will be two new essays put up this week, probably Saturday. Two long essays. Like, really long. Like 5-pages-each-holy-cow-are-you-kidding-me long. Yeah… perfectly logical.  🙂 😀

I haven’t given this blog attention for nearly a month now, but I refuse to let my 2014 momentum go and let tumbleweed gather in this blog again. I’m unemployed again, for nearly 3 months this time. I plan to use this time to re-learn Android, and put out at least 1 app on the Play Store, so look out for that (I’ll update that here), and of course, to write several pieces for this blog.

My current post count is 36 or so. I want to set a realistic goal here, so by June 1st, I’ll get that post count to at least 60, where at the bare minimum 15 of those 24 new posts will be essays or stories. Because I <3 you, the readers of my old young blog. I hope that is an acceptable number.

Coming back to the 2 posts for this Saturday (IST, BTW) – I think they’ll be posts on “The Grand Gesture of Nostalgic Camaraderie” that I mentioned in Coming Up (almost ready), and a nice long essay on Exaggeration, so look forward to it.

Excluding Facebook and Twitter, I have 42 followers (nice number for sci-fi fans). I take this moment to mention you all by name (see if you figure out how to read the names) –

Followers and Readers and Scholars and therefore, Friends

and it is time I made them my top priority. 🙂 Coming back soon, wait for me.