All the Wild Hair

Daily prompt where I describe two cool cousins and talk about hair, with the help of gifs!

Why didn’t I look at today’s Daily Prompt earlier? I love it! And I love it because I have some fantastic cousins, whom I’ll talk about here.

First comes my elder sister Parul. She’s first because she’s the one I talk to the most. She’s a graphic designer, freelancer, former entrepreneur and a bevy of other things. Here, I’ll shill her too: Some of her Work . On occasion I’ve worked with her, and with her associates. Funny thing is it has never worked out when she’s passed me on to an associate and her involvement ended (I think, 4 occasions).

It just never works out.

She’s the cool cousin. The one who’s got 5 tattoos and wild, changing hair and a face that just goes with whatever look, accessory or clothing she sports.


I hate that about her. Jealousy. Or maybe she’s just fashionable and I’m not.


It might not seem a big deal to some people, but ours is, to quite an extent, a traditional Marwari/Haryanvi family, and individuality is unheard of in our society.

I wonder about the level of horror I will get from my parents when I finally get the TARDIS tattoo I’ve been planning. 😛 It might be a train wreck, or you know, a TARDIS crash.


Then there’s my cousin brother Piyush on my father’s side. He’s the fiercely independent type.


All of his family was overweight (my aunt and uncle, him, and his younger brother/my older brother). He took the initiative and worked out hard to get into shape.


Not only that, he also convinced them to try and lose weight too! They’ve lost weight to some extent.


He defied an over-assertive and aggressive father to not join the family business, but instead make his own path, trying out different jobs and gigs till he settled on his choice.

hairflipIt’s quite cool, honestly.

And that’s it. Those are my two coolest cousins, though there is a pantheon of amazing people in the family. There’s only so many GIFs I can put in a post.

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