Hello Again, Here I Am.

Daily Prompt for 22nd September, 2014 – Introducing yourself in 4 minutes.

Hi my name is Vaibhav Gupta and I’m a bit of a jackhole. I’m 22 years old and by way of introduction, here are the defining experiences and principles of my life.

In class 9 all my friends tried to collectively ditch me. That day I learnt that I must reduce my dependence on and attachment to people. They all came back quickly barring 2, one of which came back in class 11 as an acquaintance, and the other after school ended, and is still my best friend to this day.

In class 10, a white lie and miscommunication turned an otherwise small incident into what seemed to me too big for me to handle. My vice-principal in a fit of anger told me that people like me aren’t needed in that school. The event turned out to be nothing, but I was so frightened that evening that my fear translated to physical pain. That day I decided that the consequences of honesty are easier to deal with than the consequences of lying.

When I was 8 years old, I had promised my aunt and myself that I would never smoke, drink or do drugs. It seemed natural to me since I was and am disgusted that my father is a regular smoker. In mid-2014, under various sorts of pressure, the largest being my own, I tried beer, then whiskey and vodka. The buzzes seemed like so much fun and I suffered no real consequences until the last time, known between me and a friend as Treacherous Vodka Night, wherein I consumed near 350ml of Vodka neat and said terribly embarrassing things. The next day, I became violently sick and vomited 5 times in 4 hours before falling asleep in pain. Therein I re-affirmed my resolve to never do any of those things again and reverted to my younger, disgusted self.

From time to time, I collect personal feedback from singular friends about myself to do soul-searching and self-improvement. From their feedback, I have learnt that I’m an arrogant, opinionated ass who can’t accept defeat. From their feedback I’ve also learnt that I have extraordinary levels of talent and intelligence, that I try very hard to be a jackhole but I’m not, and that I’m one of the most helpful people that they’ve ever seen.

I firmly believe in not telling someone how to leave until they approach me to talk about something that’s bothering them, when I tell them exactly how to live. It’s both an endearing and infuriating quality about me, apparently.

Lastly, I am supremely self-conscious, often depending on others for affirmation. This is particularly manifest in my physical appearance, wherein I suffer from a condition I have dubbed “FPiTS” (More about that Here and Here) and I am mortally terrified of becoming fat and unable to move under my own power.

So hi. Hope that wasn’t awkward. What’s your name?


I really like today’s Daily Prompt. It let me summarize myself like I have only done 3 or 4 times before, but this is the latest update. If you liked it, please oblige me by telling me about yourself in the comments. Do you have similar principles or do you believe in something radically different?

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