Let Habits Percolate Deep Into Your Soil

A good life is nothing but a sum of good habits guided by a set of good principles. The good news? Habits are trainable, and hence life is manageable.

For Dust thou art; and unto dust shalt thou return.

The body is a mud vessel for the mind, and like mud should it be treated – water and nurture, and you shall see growth. But fester and poison, and it shall grow barren.

I’ve been holding back on completing at least 6 different pieces for my blog. The last post I wrote was perhaps in July. There’s a reason.

2016 has certainly been the …heaviest year I’ve ever lived. A year of ups and downs, the middle portion of the year is where I was at my worst – suffering from clinical depression, suicidal at times. I saw nothing of hope – the self-loathing was enough to break a person.

I have a three part piece on that saved as drafts. However, I hit a dead wall, and so answering this prompt is a way for me to reorient myself into a writing mindset.

The full story on the depression will come later, eventually. However, I have now recovered for the most part. I find myself in a place of shedding bad habits I gained during that period and picking up good ones again. Things like eating right, getting some exercise, not fighting on the internet – basic things, you know?

After a number of experiments with usage, I have finally got a decent, useful, and attractive Bullet Journal going. A big part (and a common use case) of the Bullet Journal is the Habit Tracker. I created mine a couple of days ago, and I’m now trying to stick to it.

Earlier, I tried using an app called Fabulous, which is a habit helper app, but it didn’t particularly work for me. Maybe I wasn’t ready at the time, and I’ll give it another shot down the line.

Being A Good Person

A good life is NOTHING but a series of good habits guided by a set of good principles. Some people form their principles and make them actionable through habits, while some prefer to go the other route, finding themselves in the habits they pick up.

The good news is that habits are trainable, and hence a good life is achievable. Consistency is the key to success (whatever success may be), and you can be consistent by building habits.

As you do a set of tasks repeatedly, you will notice that they become easier. This is because you’ve begun to automate these tasks – i.e. they’ve begun to percolate down from your conscious mind (the part you control) to your subconscious mind (the part out of your control) and you do them automatically without worrying about them.

Each time you repeat a task, your brain remembers the things that happened when you did it before. Your brain recognizes patterns in the tasks and stores them away as non-threats – things you don’t need to think about.

For example, a blogger has to add metadata to their posts to take advantage of their platform. Experienced bloggers are able to select the categories, tags, keywords etc. in seconds. They’ve done it so often that their brain is used to them.
Another example – imagine you’re chopping onions. If you cook regularly, do you remember when you first picked up a knife? Do you remember how gingerly you handled the knife?

Trickling thoughts down from your conscious to your subconscious is the key to habit formation and to feel less stressed about doing things – when you’re automatically picking up a glass of water every two hours, you’re not actively worrying about staying hydrated, and so your brain can instead worry about other things, like taxes or business.

So let habits percolate deep into the subterranean layers of your brain. Let the fertile soils of your mind enrich the soil of your body, and you’ll live a happier life for it. With this post, I am hopefully doing the same.