Oil and Water make fantastic Curry

Daily Prompt 11-11-14: The person most different, and how I get along with them.

Today’s Daily Prompt asks who among my close ones is most different from myself, and what makes it possible for us to get along.

I don’t have to look far – it’s my significant other. In our case, I’m the oil, and she’s the water. I heat up quickly and burn those in my path, while she can take a lot without changing, and heals those in her path. People like me are not good for people’s health (and their blood pressure), while people like her are necessary for the survival of the human race. I add flavor to food and life, while she keeps things bland and simple. In our own ways, we are both full of life. Where I express it in as many physical activities and hobbies as I can, she does it through her behaviour and tempo.

Before we met, we were both quite extreme in our individual directions. I’ve always preferred fewer and more close-knit friends, and I’ve always interested myself in books and shows from mine and other cultures. I’ve always believed that we are responsible for our own educational and cultural enhancement, which is why I try out so many hobbies (cooking, reading, writing, working out and MMA, et al.) whereas she did less of those things and engaged in more of the social aspect (AFAIK).

Since then though, we’ve both influenced each other and become less extreme as we mimicked and absorbed traits from one another. She’s started watching more shows, and reading more, and drawing more than she did before, and she now … umm… sort of… has a higher standard expectation of people… ahem. :X
I, on the other hand, have mellowed down, become less abrasive and less mercurial. I don’t mind people as much, and have become a more compassionate person. 🙂

And that’s what we are now, neither oil nor water, but with the right ingredients thrown in, we’re both curry, which is both ironically appropriate and wildly racist, because we’re both Indians. 😛

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