Learning To Customize My Phone

Daily Prompt for 13-Nov-14. I talk about chicanery involving my phone and customization.

So today’s Daily Post is a complete free writing assignment. The limit is 10 minutes. I’d done a free write once before, when I was still doing the Writing 101 challenge. Begin!

Today, the prompt comes at a time when I’m sort of obsessing over my phone. A few months ago, my friend convinced me to unlock/root my Moto G (2013), and I had done so, choosing to use the Xposed Framework to tweak the system. I liked the additional amount of control I got over the phone, and had been using it like that since. At the same time, I was working on several things, one of which was a paint job on a Moto G flip cover. My father bought me a flip cover on his way back from work (I was home during April, May and early-June) and it turned out to be a fake, non-rubberised cover (Moto G covers are all smooth-backed that don’t hold acrylic paint, as I learned when I tried to paint a second cover that I purchased). So the fake cover turned out to be perfect for a custom paint job.

I painted a Pokedex likening on the back, and a Pokeball likening on the front, since I’m a big Pokemon fan. At the time, it was a fun art project, but I only used it for a few days before putting it aside.

A few days ago, while cleaning out my home here in Bangalore, I came across the same cover, and I thought, “Hey this is a cool thing I did, why not use it?”, so I varnished the cover and left it a day, due to which it developed a nice smooth glow. A friend commented that it looked professionally made, and I was quite proud of it. It’s on my phone now.

Back to software, a few days ago, because of some errors, I got fed up of the Xposed app and found a Paranoid Android version for my phone, released recently. With much trepidation, I flashed it, removing the stock android and with some tweaks, such a Lollipop skin pack and others, I was happy with the graphical and usability aspect.

Now, the same errors are back, probably due to me restoring an incorrect backup of apps from the stock ROM, and the phone is becoming more and more unusable. The free write time just ended. But I’ll keep writing for a bit. The phone is crashing again, and now it seems like I’m going to have to reflash a ROM, and this time, make sure the offending apps don’t get restored on to the device. Anyway, the Android Lollipop updates are rolling out any day now. I will probably do that tonight. It is of no consequence to you, but I hope it helped you kill a few minutes reading about it if that is what you were aiming to do.

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