‘Surviving on Salad’ Days

Daily prompt: I talk about salad days quite literally, and about how I don’t remember good stuff from childhood.

Today’s Daily Prompt asks me about my good ol’ times, and if I had an innocent/exciting time of it all. What I find interesting is the use of the Shakespearean term – Salad Days – as the heading. Not only is it used to refer to a more youthful and uncomplicated (nostalgically speaking) time, but it also creates a parallel between life and a meal.

Think about it. Salads are appetizers, the start of a meal and the start of life. They are light and bright, like youth is light on responsibility and bright because it’s okay and expected of children to have fun and be bright-eyed and such. The main course comes next, which is the period I’m in – the meat and potatoes of life, heavy on the protein and heavy on responsibility, full of taste and flavour, like your 20s are (supposedly) the best part of your life, and let’s be honest, it is the thing you came to partake in. Then comes dessert, the sweetness of which is the perfect close to your meal, like you enjoying the fruits of your youthful labour when you’re older. If the main course was bad, this isn’t as good, but might be a saving grace. And then of course, comes the period of feeling sick from eating too much, like old age, and there’s a lot of throwing up and going to the loo. Then you pay the bill and you check out. I’ll leave that last one to your imagination.

Perhaps that’s a post to deeply explore another time. But I don’t really have salad days as such – I’m just as happy now as I was then, but a lot more satisfied. The only problem is that I have to eat a lot more salad now to be fit than back then. Back then I was eating bhujia (indian snack; find it, try it) 3 times a day and taking 2 teaspoons full of sugar in every glass of milk. I was eating whatever I wanted and I still looked fancily slim. Now, not so much.

Unfortunately, incidents I remember from school are bad ones. The good ones never stick as much, do they? College though, now that was a whole different thing. I loved college, as I’ve alluded to several times before. The bad memories didn’t stick as much.

And that’s it. Do you have memories of salad days and uncomplicated times? Share them with a comment below! If you’ve also written a post on your blog for the prompt, leave a link in the comments and I’ll check it out!

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